‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Is Deimos’ Life At Stake?

Days of Our Lives spoilers are in, and it looks like Deimos’ life may be in serious danger. Fans have known for a while that his final days might be ticking down. This hunch was all but confirmed when it was announced that actor Vincent Irizarry was fired from Days of Our Lives. The soap actor has played the villain since 2015. While viewers are not sure if Days of Our Lives will replace Irizarry, it doesn’t look like they’re going in that direction.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Deimos is going to pay for his kidnapping plot. Spoilers reveal that there might be a hit on his life from Chad after he torments him. Days of Our Lives fans shouldn’t be too surprised, as the kidnapping plan was shortsighted and impulsive.

As for the kidnapping, Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Chad will have a real choice to make. The infamous baddie knows that he’s in love with both Gabi and Abigail, so he’s hatched a kidnapping plot with Chad at the center. He will poison both women and make Chad decide who to save as he only has one antidote. Once everyone sees how conflicted he is, this will stir up some major drama between the three characters.

That said, it’s Deimos who should be worried about his fate. Days of Our Lives viewers will come to find out that both women survive because of a “surprising” resolution. Once Chad is out of the life-threatening scenario, he will turn his attention toward the villain. Although Abigail has warned Chad in the past about getting involved with him, this poisoning fiasco might have been the last straw.

Days of Our Lives spoilers mention that Chad might put out a hit against Deimos to get back at all the chaos he’s caused in his life. While his level of retaliation is not certain, it’s said Deimos is going to get what he deserves and that it might have catastrophic damages. Spoilers state that at the very least, he will get the beating of his life.

While Deimos certainly deserves what’s coming to him, this order might put Chad in jeopardy with Abigail. Spoilers state that once she learns about the beating, she’s going to confront him, especially after she warned him about “poking the bear.” Days of Our Lives fans would think Chad might have learned his lesson after seeing two of his loves poisoned by Deimos, but if anything, that only pushes him to new heights.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Chad could lie about his involvement in the beating so that he can take down Deimos once and for all. However, if he chooses to come forth with his involvement, Abigail might not trust him. These two have gone through major trust problems as of late, and if he goes back on his word, it might be the final nail in the coffin.

On the other side of the triangle is Chad’s relationship with Gabi. Days of Our Lives shippers of this particular couple might find themselves disappointed, as it looks like this pairing is going to cool off for the time being. It’s said that Gabi and Eli’s date is still going to happen, so it looks like she’s moving on from him in a big way.

Do you think these Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate Deimos’ demise?

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