Adele Attacked On Australian Stage!

Adele was attacked at her Brisbane concert by a swarm of mosquitoes. The Grammy award-winning artist was on stage speaking with her fans when the mosquitos started to bite her. This highly amused many of her fans.

She continued to speak to her audience before she was met with more mosquitoes and started cussing at the dreaded insects.

Adele concluded her tour and would be heading to New Zealand before heading to London to perform at Wembley Stadium. Adele’s career continues to propel as she has bigger performances and gets over some of her anxiety. She surprised herself by performing at stadiums after saying she wouldn’t perform at an arena. She said that she said that she would only play at theaters and she wasn’t sure how she managed to stay on the stage as she performed to a huge audience.

Mosquitos attack Adele while on stage
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Adele holds the record for two of the biggest crowds at Etihad Stadium since it opened. The star performed to over 70,000 fans, which was better than her previous record at 2,000 fans. The star obviously has brought a lot of money for Australia with many fans booking hotels as well as booking tickets just to go and see the superstar. She will apparently have an even bigger audience in New Zealand.

Sydney, NSW / ANZ Stadium / Mar 10

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Adele Vs. Austraila

Mosquitoes attacked Adele while she was on stage and left her fans in stitches. She attempted to chase the mosquitoes away from her but they proceeded to bite her as well as others in the audience. She yelled at the mosquitoes, informing her fans that the mosquitoes were trying to kill her.

Adele attempted to carry on with her show and ended bumping into more mosquitoes and announced that they were back on her once again. Which only made the audience laugh even harder at her attempts. She then joked that she wasn’t an Australian, and she simply just didn’t like insects.

Adele then felt guilty after killing one of the mosquitoes and was sad to announce that she had hurt the mosquito. This wasn’t the first time the mother of one saw insects that caught her off guard. While in Perth she announced that there was cockroach on stage and then she mentioned how there was a fly as well in her tea.

Adele attacked at Brisbane concert

Adele is known to release an F-bomb here and there stuck to the script and mentioned a number of them as she battled with the insects that were into her.

Aside from insects, Adele attacked one of her security guards after they ruined a moment for some of her fans that were enjoying themselves. The fans were dancing and enjoying her performance when they were asked to sit down.

Adele called out the security guard and asked the guard to stop telling her fans to sit down. Proceeding to inform him where he was by telling him that they were at a music show. She then said that if the issue was the other fans couldn’t see then they could simply stand up to see her if they wanted to. She then asked him why he was at the show if he had an issue with people dancing.

“If I see one more person get told to sit down, I swear to God”

Adelaide, SA / Adelaide Oval / Mar 13

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Adele Confirms Marriage

Adele finally confirmed that she was married to her long-term partner Simon Konecki. She talked about one of her biggest hits, “Someone Like You,” and how she was addicted to the feeling of first falling in love with someone. She then told her fans that she couldn’t experience those feelings anymore as she’s married. The singer had already informed fans that she was married during the Grammys although she didn’t really confirm it.

Adele managed to go and visit the set of one of the shows that she enjoyed, Neighbors. The show is enjoyed by a lot of the British to the extent that there’s a petition for the show to continue being shown there.

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