72-Year-Old Grandpa Models For Teen Girl Fashion Line

72-year-old grandpa model photo

You would think that a girl’s teen fashion line would use teenage girls as models. But what’s the fun in that? Yuekou, a new fashion store in China that focuses on teen clothing, uses a 72-year-old grandpa as its main model.

According to the Business Insider, Liu Xianping landed the job after he gave his granddaughter some fashion advice. Ms. Lv, who started Yuekou with four of her friends, said that her grandpa started trying on clothes and giving the girl’s fashion advice during a recent photoshoot. The girl’s decided to keep snapping photos and eventually declared the 72-year-old grandpa their official model.

Ms. Lv said:

“He picked up one piece and tried to give some advice on how to mix and match. We thought it was fun so we started shooting.”

Yahoo Finance reports that, since Liu’s photos have popped up online, the clothing store has seen its sales skyrocket.

Which isn’t really surprising since this 72-year-old grandpa puts supermodels like Kate Upton and Tyra Banks to shame with his brimming confidence.

72 year-old grandpa

Having a 72-year-old grandpa model for a teen fashion line may sound strange, but Liu said that he is happy to help his granddaughter.

Liu said:

“Why is it unacceptable for someone like me to wear women’s clothes? Modeling for the store is helping my granddaughter and I have nothing to lose. We were very happy on the day of the shooting. I’m very old and all that I care about is to be happy.”

72-year-old grandpa model photo72-year-old grandpa model photo72-year-old grandpa model photo

What do you think of the 72-year-old grandpa model? Is this weird, or is it a genius marketing strategy?