A Naked Man Fell Through Church Roof In North Carolina

Hickory, NC – A naked guy gave the Resurrection International Church congregation quite a shock when they arrived for weekly services on Sunday. James Albert Kimrey Jr., a naked transient, left a hole in the ceiling after falling through the space.

A member of the Resurrection International Church found Kimrey naked inside the restroom of the North Carolina church. The transient arrived at the Hickory church on Saturday and asked if he could spend the night inside, according to WHKY. Since the man was reportedly incoherent, churchgoers were afraid that he might harm the children who were in the house of worship rehearsing for the choir.

The stranger was asked to leave the property. He reportedly surfaced again at the front door of the church but did not gain entry to the building.

Sometime during the evening hours, the 46-year-old man returned to the church and climbed a ladder to the roof. Hickory police officers reportedly believe he strips naked so he would be small enough to fit in the space between the church building’s framework and the ventilation duct.

Although James Kimrey managed to squeeze inside the small space, his weight was apparently too much for the duct work. The naked man fell approximately 11 feet but appeared to be uninjured. Resurrection International Church members stumbled upon a pile of clothes before finding the nude intruder, according to the Huffington Post.

Kimrey was transported to the Catawba County Detention Center and charged with second-degree trespassing, indecent exposure, and breaking and entering. Bond was set in the amount of $1,200.