Lucy Spraggan Was Ambushed, Beaten And Attacked By Two Women

Lucy Spraggan was ambushed and got beaten and attacked by two women after a gig in Brighton. Lucy posted the aftermath of the incident on Instagram and was seen holding clumps of her own hair as well as deep scratches and bruises on her face. Lucy Spraggan was ambushed together with her wife, Georgina Cordon, on Thursday morning by two identified women.

That looks horrible! Who would even dare do that?

X Factor contestant Lucy posted on her Instagram page the terrible ordeal she suffered last Thursday with her wife Georgina Cordon. Lucy Spraggan was ambushed and got beaten and attack by two women in their late 20s. The singer-songwriter received much love and support from her followers following the ambush.


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In one photo of Spraggan, the singer was seen holding her torn-out hair and thanked the police for the quick action.

“That’s my own hair. Was attacked tonight after the show in Brighton, along with my guitarist and wife. #SussexPolice have been amazing and are pursuing a change.”

The attack took place at around 3 a.m. on Thursday as she left a karaoke bar with her wife, Georgina. The Sussex police immediately responded to the crime scene wherein the couple informed the officers that they had been beaten and attacked. A representative of the police confirmed two women, aged 26 and 27, had been arrested following suspicion. The women are currently on bail until April 25 as the investigation continues.

After Lucy Sparaggan was ambushed, the followers of the gay Derbyshire musician flooded her Instagram feed with heartfelt comments and supportive messages. One wrote, “So sorry to hear that. You don’t deserve it you are all amazing people. Much love,” while another posted, “This is so so sad! You are such an amazing person and your wife too!!! This is disgusting!!! Thinking of you all! Sending so much love!” A third commented, “Can’t believe it, some people, are we even in the same world? Sending good thoughts to all.”

Lucy Spraggan and her wife, Georgina Cordon

Although the 25-year-old did not have much luck on the X Factor in 2012 after backing out due to an illness, she still managed to get the love of her life. The singer got married to Georgina in June 2016, announcing the news on Instagram with an adorable caption, “Just Married.”

They may appear to be fulfilled lovers on the exterior but in reality, their relationship runs deep with Lucy grateful for Georgina’s presence because she saved her life. After tying the knot, the couple was interviewed on Loose Women, with Spraggan admitting how she was on the brink of depression before Cordon came along.

“It’s hard for people to understand what it’s like to have one piece of you taken away every time you read something. You become this shell of yourself that believes what these people are saying because if it’s said so many times, it’s what you’re going to believe. It just got to a point where I just couldn’t do it anymore, like this is it and then I met G and I was so, so happy,” Lucy Spraggan said.

A song she recently made speaks about suicide, prompting Lucy to open up about she almost took her own life. She was driving on the road and deliberately planned to crash the car on the motorway as she goes beyond the speed limit. Lucy abruptly came back to reality when she saw her dog beside her and realized that she couldn’t do it with her dog.

Meeting Georgina had been a turning point for the songstress and said she’s enjoying a post-wedding bliss with her wife. “I can’t stop thinking about the wedding,” Lucy told them.

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