Justin Bieber Mobbed By The Police

Sydney police mobbed Justin Bieber while he was eating. The Grammy award-winning singer is in Australia as part of his “Purpose World Tour.” Eager fans that want to take pictures of the star or even touch the star constantly follow him. The 23-year-old constantly has to find ways to eat peacefully as unfortunately for him he is well known and this leads to a swarm of fans trying to get his picture.

While in Sydney, Justin has been going to different parts of the city and this has excited a lot of his fans that will either tweet or post on different parts of social media that they had spotted the young star.

Sydney police mobbed Justin Bieber while he was eating.
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He was recently mobbed by the NSW police force after they shared on their Facebook page. Well, not really mobbed but the NSW police force posted a picture of some of the police officers with the pop star. He posed with two police officers that seemed eager to be with the star as they were seen grinning with him. The post said, “You wouldn’t belieb who we ran into.”


Justin Vs. Fans

When Justin isn’t being mobbed by Sydney police, he’s busy mobbed by his fans. While others would call this harassment it is possibly seen as a requirement and a consequence of fame.

The star finds that he is constantly having his pictures taken whether it’s by fans or by paparazzi without his permission. To any other human being, that would be frustrating, therefore it would be understandable when the star says no to pictures or simply ignores fans or to the extent whereby he yells at them.

Sydney police mobbed Justin Bieber while he was eating.
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However, others may not see it the same way as he does as this is what he had signed up for and due to his huge popularity he should expect this and more.

He was recently attempting to eat food at Chargrill Charlies with his friends but a swarm of girls and young women watched him eat as well as attempted to take pictures of him. Unfortunately for the fans, the police were there to assist Justin as he ate his chicken. The pop star experienced similar engrossment while at McDonald’s and was once again being stalked by fans that observed his every move.

While walking around the streets of Australia, Justin was approached by an overly eager female fan that wanted to take a selfie of him. This, unfortunately, went sideways for the young fan when the singer asked her to look at her respect level and then proceeded to tell her that she made him sick. Despite her apologizing and insisting, the star was upset by her approach and went into his car.

The young lady, Sebah Helal, said during an interview with Nova 969 that she thought he was being rude. She said that regardless of the incident that was recorded, she still took a picture of him because she wondered to herself when else she would have such an opportunity, so she jumped for it.

According to Sebah’s mother, her daughter cried after the incident as she was dying to meet the celebrity. Her mother who, of course, took her daughter’s side said that Justin Bieber had humiliated her daughter Sebah.

Justin Bieber has in the past said that he no longer wanted to pictures with fans as they made him feel like he was a zoo animal. The blonde artist said told his fans on Instagram that they should know that he wouldn’t take pictures anymore.

He added that he knows that many of his fans would be disappointed with his decision but he wanted to be recognized as a human and that he wanted to be able to maintain his sanity.

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Justin Loves Australia

Justin has been seen out and about enjoying what Australia has to offer. Different fans have taken to social media to express their experiences with the star. One mother shared a story about her son spending time with Justin and discussed a variety of topics such as hairstyles, education, and tattoos.

Justin made an effort to sample some of the local cuisine. He tried out some Vegemite for the first time on his toast and seemed to enjoy it.

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