Lala Kent On ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Co-Stars: Are They Jealous Of Her Love Life?

Lala Kent announced that she was leaving Vanderpump Rules recently, because she felt that her co-stars were being too harsh with her. Even though Kent has said and done some things that were harsh, including hinting that Katie Maloney had gained weight and was possibly pregnant - just to irritate her - Kent has gained some loyal followers this season. On Vanderpump Rules, Kent stepped away for a few episodes after being accused of sleeping with a married man just because she didn't want to reveal who her boyfriend was.

According to a new tweet, Lala Kent is now revealing that her Vanderpump Rules co-stars are nowhere near her level of popularity, which could be why they are jealous of her. Of course, Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, and Kristen Doute have all said they are not jealous of her, and Jax Taylor has said that Lala Kent is just desperate because she's not as famous as her co-stars in regards to Vanderpump Rules. And yet, that isn't stopping her from slamming them on social media.

"It's funny. The girls that send me hate are the same girls waiting in line to get into a club. Poor babies. #youcantsitwithus," Lala Kent tweeted over the weekend, sharing that her Vanderpump Rules co-stars are standing in line at the club to get in.

It's no secret that her co-stars have been very vocal about their dislike for Lala. They have all been spreading rumors about her love life. Just because Kent didn't want to share who she was dating, the girls quickly made up rumors that she was dating a married man, that she was sending sex videos to the man even though the wife could see the videos, and that she was getting cars from her boyfriend. However, there hasn't been any proof that she's dating a married man.

As it turns out, Lala Kent may have a point about the girls being jealous of her relationship. Lala has been able to keep her relationship out of the spotlight and she's clearly spoiled. She showed up in a white Range Rover during a lunch with her co-stars and she has defended her relationship without revealing who she's dating. There have been rumors about famous actors and producers, but Kent hasn't revealed any details. And as it turns out, she's quite happy.

"It's because those poor girls live in jealousy land and have stink face... no one wants to hang out with that #loveyou," one person wrote to Lala Kent, who later replied in another tweet, "Damn. I'm in love. Everyone on this planet deserves someone who treats them like they hung the moon. Don't accept anything less #cheeseball."

When Lala Kent announced that she was leaving Vanderpump Rules behind, she didn't talk about future seasons. And just a few weeks later on the show, Lala walked out of the show, shocking both her co-stars and Lisa Vanderpump.

Now, she's hoping she can get her job back. No word on whether Kent will be filming the reunion special. If so, one can imagine that she will have plenty of questions about her relationship, including that non-disclosure agreement that Lala supposedly wanted her co-stars to sign before they hung out with her boyfriend.

What do you think of Lala Kent's tweets about her Vanderpump Rules co-stars being jealous of her? Do you think Stassi, Kristen, and Katie are jealous of her, as she's in a relationship that isn't on national television where people can pick it apart? Do you think they all wished they were as spoiled as her?

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