Ivanka Trump Gets 17K Tweets, West Wing White House Office, Sued By MAC Retailer

Ivanka Trump is getting her own office in the White House's West Wing, but that doesn't mean that Ivanka works for the government. According to Fox News, Ivanka won't draw a salary from the White House, but she will have her own office in the White House. The news is likely no surprise to those who have seen Ivanka's constant presence by the side of her father, President Donald Trump, during a variety of political circumstances.

Ivanka's husband, Jared Kushner, is a White House senior adviser. Ivanka's title has not been announced because she won't have an official title, but Ivanka will enjoy the type of government-issued phones and the level of security clearance that will give Ivanka entree to classified information. Ivanka's position means she will have to adhere to government rules as other employees. News of Ivanka's White House office is the latest in a string of controversial questions about how much of a role a president's progeny will play in advising the Commander-in-Chief. Ivanka represents a rare opportunity for a president's child to advise him in office in an adult capacity, since in recent years, children of the president have been younger than Ivanka when their fathers were in office.

According to Fox News, Ivanka believed that not being an official White House staffer would give her the leeway to independently advise her father. Ivanka already relocated her family to Washington in the early stages of the Trump administration. Along with Ivanka's office space in the White House, she continues to own her retail brand.

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As seen in the above photo from February 3, Ivanka was a part of a roundtable discussion with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. President Trump was also a participant in the talk about the advancement of women entrepreneurs and business leaders.

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Ivanka is being sued by Modern Appealing Clothing (MAC), a retailer based in San Francisco due to what the lawsuit claims is Ivanka being "unfair competition." The retailer's class-action lawsuit claimed that Ivanka Trump Marks LLC received an unfair edge due to Ivanka being the daughter of the President of the U.S.

Filed in San Francisco Superior Court on Thursday, the lawsuit is gaining attention for its claims that White House counselor Kellyanne Conway gave free press to Ivanka's product lines to help increase sales. As reported by Refinery29, Ivanka's brand did recently experience an increase in sales. MAC seeks a restraining order to stop Ivanka's products from being sold in California. Ivanka has not yet responded in public to the lawsuit.

As seen in the top photo above, President Trump and Ivanka, along with her husband and their children, left the Oval Office in the White House on Friday, March 3, prior to using Marine One to travel to Andrews Air Force Base.

According to Twitter, the news about Ivanka's West Wing office has quickly brought more than 17,000 tweets into the social media platform and sent the "West Wing" phrase to the trending topics section of Twitter. Reactions like the following to Ivanka are being published online.
Bob J. Satawake wrote: "I couldn't even get a badge to get in the Embassy without an escort and actually got removed from the car at my own damn gate to my house! Now I am not advocating Ivanka should be removed at the WH gate but an office!!? OUTRAGEOUS!"

John C Williams shared a link to the group: Impeach Donald Trump Now! and wrote: "Not only paying for Trump to golf in Florida, we're also paying for 100 secret service agents so his family can ski in Aspen! We'll have to starve more seniors and school kids to pay for their luxuries."

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