Jenelle Evans Book: Will ‘Teen Mom’ Star Actually Win More Fans With Book?

Jenelle Evans has struggled for many years and she has shared her many ups and downs on Teen Mom 2 throughout the years. It’s no secret that Evans really wants her son back in her care, but her mother Barbara is making that a horrible task. When Jace was just a few weeks old, Evans decided to sign over custody to her mother, so she could raise him and provide him with health insurance. The agreement was that she would sign over custodial rights to Jenelle again after she got a job and got her life back together. But despite doing all of this, Evans’ mother hasn’t kept her promise.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she’s writing a tell-all book and this book may tell fans what she has been through over the years. It’s no secret that she and her mother don’t get along, but now Evans will write a tell-all book about her life prior to Teen Mom 2. And Jenelle strongly believes that people will understand where she’s coming from and people will change their minds about her.

“My book will put into perspective how I was brought up and raised. Gives everyone my point of view. Everyone will understand me now!” Jenelle Evans has revealed about her upcoming book, which has yet to be announced officially.

Evans isn’t the first Teen Mom star to write a book about her life. In fact, several other stars have shared their rough lives prior to getting pregnant when they were 16. But Evans has been caught lying in the past, including when she stole her mother’s credit cards and her lies in regards to her relationships. So one has to wonder if her book will gain her more fans.

“Super happy to still have the opportunity to share my story with you guys. I have grown in so many ways and you were all there with me on my journey. Everyone can have a fresh start and still come out on top like me. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Do you!” Evans later added in several tweets, sharing that she’s very happy that she gets to write a book about her past experiences.

These days, Evans is living with her future husband David Eason and they are enjoying parenthood once again, as they just welcomed their first daughter together. They both have children of their own. They have also just completed their home, and fans are starting to see how Jenelle is turning her life around.

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“I think you have turned your life around for the better. I don’t think people give you enough credit for your successes!” one person wrote in support of Evans, while another added, “I mean she’s not on drugs or in jail anymore but I don’t know if that counts as ‘successes’ LOL.”

“She graduated from school with honors. She’s not on drugs anymore. Those are successes,” the first person wrote back, while a third fan of Jenelle Evans added, “Exactly. She’s raising her kids the best way she knows how. What we see on TV is only a glimpse.”

Jenelle claims she has changed her life around, but she could potentially lose her custody battle over Jace, because the courts can use her lengthy arrest record against her. And just like the court system, the public opinions can also be very judgmental. Jenelle Evans may hope that she can change people’s minds with this new book, but it’s possible that some people will see her book as a lie, as she has lied before.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans writing a book? Do you think the book will give her more fans and supporters?

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