Peter Thomas On Matt Jordan Bringing Him And Todd Tucker Into Kenya Moore Drama

Did Cynthia Bailey's ex, Peter Thomas, and Kandi Burruss' husband, Todd Tucker, really coach Matt Jordan on how to get money out of Kenya Moore? On Monday, after Kenya's ex put up an Instagram video in which he claimed that Peter and Todd told him to get some money out of Kenya for filming with her on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Peter put up his own Instagram video lashing out at Matt for bringing him and Todd into his drama with Kenya.

In the video, Peter admitted that he and Todd did have a talk with Matt after a party. Yet Peter then went on to criticize Matt for dragging him and Todd into his current feud with Kenya. Peter pointed out that he and Todd hardly coached Matt on how to get money out of Kenya, but simply answered his questions.

"Yo Matt, this is for you brother. I just saw the video that you put out there. And um, I'm a little bit confused. Why are we involved? Why you involving me and Todd in your situation? Okay, you are right. On the way to the gold room after Sheree's house party, you asked questions and we answered questions. Yes, our ladies work with us when it comes to the check, okay? But we didn't coach you and tell you how to go deal with Kenya. We are never there when you and Kenya are doing ya'll business, not when ya'll f**king, not when ya'll fighting, not when ya'll making up. We're never there, okay? So for you to involve us in your business publicly, that's kind of soft okay?"
Peter went on to tell Matt that it's wrong of him to take out his anger at not getting an invite to the season 9 reunion show on him and Todd.
"You gotta handle your business. We don't have nothing to do with you coming or not coming to the reunion okay? That's strictly on Bravo okay? So why you telling this on the world again? Handle your business."
Earlier, Matt Jordan did an Instagram Live video in which he said that Peter Thomas and Todd Tucker told him that he should get $10,000 from Kenya Moore for filming with her this past season. Matt said that both Peter and Todd kept telling him that he needs to get paid.
"They're like, 'Brah, you need to get paid...Bruh, you need to be asking shorty [Kenya] for at least 10 percent of what she makes. That's what our ladies give us.' They getting all in my head. And I'm like, 'Ya'll girls are different. My lady is different. You know, that's dangerous. You guys are married or were married, it's different.' They were like, 'Yo Matt, you're her story line. You deserve monetary compensation.' I said, 'No I don't feel comfortable...' They're like...'You're going to make $10,000 at the reunion.'"
Matt continued to say that when he asked Kenya for the money, without telling her that Peter and Todd encouraged him to do so, she denied his request with curses.
"I'm like alright. I take the conversation to Kenya. I don't tell her that, that they [Peter and Todd] said that. I tell her, 'Hey look, I need to be squared away or whatever.' She shuts me down or whatever, cusses me out..."
Matt added that he has yet to be paid and is upset about that.
"I'm really upset that I wasn't paid. I wasn't monetarily rewarded."
Over the weekend, in a lengthy message posted to his Instagram account that has since been deleted, Matt unleashed a tirade against Kenya after, unlike Cynthia Bailey's ex Peter Thomas and Kandi Burruss' husband Todd Tucker, he didn't get to go to the reunion show filming. Matt accused Kenya of cheating on him during their relationship with men from Africa and generally treating him like dirt despite all that he did for her. Matt further accused Kenya of promising that he'll get $10,000 at the season 9 reunion show filming if he continues filming with her.The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9 reunion show filmed last Thursday. As the Inquisitr reported, host Andy Cohen, immediately after filming wrapped up, summed up his thoughts on the reunion show with an expletive and revealed that "some stuff came out." During Kenya Moore's appearance on his talk show Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night, she agreed that the reunion show was epic and will probably go down in history for its shock value. Perhaps some of the secrets that came out involved Matt Jordan and Kenya?

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