Cynthia Bailey ‘RHOA’ Reunion: Will Phaedra Parks Explain Kandi Sex Rumor?

Cynthia Bailey sat down with the other ladies last week to film the reunion special for this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. As it turns out, Bailey really likes filming these reunion specials because they are a form of closure for her as the season comes to an end. The drama is addressed, and the ladies get to settle the arguments that have been going on for a while. And while Bailey hasn't been involved in the drama this year, she is excited to see if Phaedra Parks will be called out for starting the sex rumors regarding Kandi Burruss.

According to a new Bravo report, Cynthia Bailey is now revealing that her divorce wasn't really a huge storyline this season and she's happy about that. Sure, her divorce was her main storyline this season, but there wasn't much drama and she could talk to Peter Thomas in a cordial manner. Her biggest drama was whether she would get the lake house after she put in an offer. But that doesn't mean that Cynthia doesn't have high hopes for the reunion special.

Cynthia Bailey is friends with her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars and she wants to see some resolution - and perhaps some honesty - from her co-star, Phaedra Parks. During one scene, Phaedra hinted that Kandi Burruss had hooked up with a close friend. Kandi first laughed it off, but when Porsha Williams started talking about Kandi supposedly trying to drug her and bring her home to have sex, things exploded. And Bailey wants to see Phaedra take some responsibility.

"I really wasn't too involved in too much of the dirty, dirty, dirty south drama that was going on. Like, when it got down and dirty, somehow I was just over at Lake Bailey, peace and love," Cynthia Bailey tells Bravo prior to filming the reunion special last week, adding that she's happy that she could stay out of the drama for the most part.

Near the end of the season, the drama was primarily about Kandi Burruss' sex life and things got so bad that Kandi confronted everyone in Hawaii. But she had no idea that Parks was talking behind her back and Cynthia wants this to be brought up at the reunion special.

"That hasn't really come up yet, so it's gonna be interesting to see if that comes up in the next episodes and if it doesn't, I'm sure it's gonna come up at the reunion," Cynthia pointed out, sharing that she hopes that Kandi will confront Parks about her involvement in the sex rumors.

"There's obviously going to be a lot between Porsha and Kandi, for sure, because that just went on for way longer than it needed to. So hopefully they'll get all that together," Cynthia Bailey explains to Bravo, adding that she understands why her co-star stayed silent, adding, "If you're not gonna get called out about it, why confess?"

"I just thought at this point, just for the sake of solidarity for their friendship, she would say, 'OK, I just want to say, you guys are really giving her a hard time. I was the one saying this, and if I was wrong to say it, then I take it back.' Just something. I just feel like something should have been said from her at this point, just in support of her girl," Cynthia adds.

Do you think Cynthia Bailey has a point about Phaedra? Do you think she should admit her mistakes and her involvement in the sex rumors, considering the rumors really hurt Kandi while filming?

[Featured Image by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for BET]