'Vikings' Season 5 Predictions Based On The Sagas And Other Historical Texts

There is no official news yet on when Season 5 of History's Vikings will premiere besides Alex Hogh (who plays Ivar the Boneless) revealing it will air "later this year." However, history is a great place to start when it comes to Season 5 predictions. So, let's have a look at what the history books say about some of our favorite Vikings to fill in time until there is a Season 5 premiere announcement.

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses the Season 4 finale and Season 5 of History's Vikings as well as the historical stories and sagas the show is based on. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid potential spoilers.

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Ragnar's Sons

Ivar the Boneless' story in the sagas reveals a lot of what viewers have already seen in Season 4 of Vikings. He led the Great Heathen Army into England to seek revenge for his father's death. What isn't revealed in the history books though, is what was seen in the Season 4 finale of Vikings: Ivar killing his brother, Sigurd (David Lindstrom).

According to the sagas involving these two sons of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), there was no fratricide involved between them. Ivar, in fact, went on to raid in Ireland. He was successful enough at this task that his death is listed in the Anglo Saxon Chronicles, the Annals of Ulster and the Fragmentary Annals of Ireland. If this is the case, in the television series, at least, the death of Sigurd in the Season 4 finale might be the catalyst needed for Ivar to travel abroad into Ireland. Although, the Season 5 teaser video for Vikings indicates Ivar could stay on English soil for some time after Sigurd's burial.

Interesting to note, though, in the sagas, Sigurd still had plenty of story to play out. So how will Season 5 of Vikings deal with this?

In The Tale of Ragnar's Sons, Sigurd inherits many of Ragnar's lands, including Zealand (an island of Denmark) and Scania (now a part of Sweden). He also goes on to marry King Aelle's daughter. This couple eventually have four children.

Considering Aelle was recently killed by Vikings in Season 4, it is possible they will attempt to further cement their hold in Northumbria by having one of Ragnar's sons marry Aelle's daughter in the TV series. Ivar has been proven to be impotent in Season 4 of Vikings, so it likely rules him out as a contender to marry Aelle's daughter. Ragnar's remaining sons, Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) and Hvitserk (Marco Ilso), both seem committed to Margrethe (Ida Nielsen) moving forward into Season 5 of Vikings. So, could the next season of Vikings see one of these sons forced into a political marriage? If so, it will likely be Hvitserk, since Ubbe is the one already officially married to Margrethe.

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In the sagas, Lagertha's story is already over. Her death is never recorded in the story involving her, the ninth book of the Gesta Danorum, so History Channel has quite of bit of creative leeway with her character. Katheryn Winnick (who plays Lagertha in the TV series) has posted many on set shots from Season 5 of Vikings via her Instagram account, so viewers know she will survive at least partway into Season 5. The show's creator, Michael Hirst, also confirmed to TV Guide that Lagertha is the "soul of the show."

Season 4 of Vikings, however, hinted at Lagertha's death. Ivar challenged Lagertha to a duel. Lagertha refused this challenge and Ivar promised her he would eventually kill her. Later, the Seer (John Kavanagh) confirmed to Lagertha that she would die at the hands of one of Ragnar's sons. So, it seems, in Season 5 of Vikings, this storyline could play out with tragic consequences for fans of the famous shield maiden.

History's 'Vikings,' Season 5 predictions, Season 4, Part 2, Episode 18
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For many fans of Vikings and the stories the show is based on, the normal assumption to make is that Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) is a fictional character based on the Norse god, Loki. However, there was a historical character called Floki and this story about his will likely reveal where Floki's story is headed in Season 5 of Vikings.

In the Icelandic text, Landnamabok (the Book of Settlements), a man called Hrafna-Floki Vilgerðarson is considered the first person to deliberately sail to Iceland. In the Season 4 finale of Vikings, Floki's wife, Helga (Maude Hirst), died and Floki was seen creating a single person boat. So, it seems highly likely Floki's story will continue on in a similar vein to that in the Landnamabok.

Interesting to note about this tale is one of the people also involved with it. Kris Holden-Ried revealed via a tweet that he would join the Season 5 cast of Vikings as a character called Eyvind. Season 5 of Vikings will see Eyvind settle in a new land. While this may not be Iceland, the sagas involving this character also associate him with Thorolf, a character that is recorded as traveling to Iceland with Floki. So, perhaps Floki will not be traveling to Iceland alone. Or, alternatively, when he returns to Kattegat, he invites others to return to Iceland with him.

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Harald Finehair

Season 4 of Vikings concluded with Harald Finehair (Peter Franzen) killing the woman who inspired him to try and conquer all of Norway. So, will Harald continue on in this mission now that Ellisif (Sophie Vavasseur) is dead?

According to the sagas, Harald Finehair certainly does become the famed King of all Norway. So, the potential for this storyline to continue into Season 5 of Vikings seems like a logical step. A single shot of Harald Finehair in the Season 5 teaser released by History Channel shows Finehair with a crown on his head. He is laughing and looks quite proud of himself, leading to speculation that Season 5 of Vikings will see Harald achieve his goal.

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Season 4 of Vikings appeared to tie up Rollo's (Clive Standen) character, placing him firmly in Frankia after he helped Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) raid the Mediterranean. The fact Standen had taken on the lead role in NBC's Taken also led viewers to believe this character would now fade into the background.

However, in a recent interview with TV Guide, Clive Standen revealed Rollo will be back for Season 5 of Vikings.

"Nearly every season, [creator] Michael Hirst has allowed me to reinvent this man, and Season 5 is no different. I think when he comes back, all bets are off... You'll see a very different Rollo."
Historically, Rollo became an important part of Frankish history and his story doesn't really return to his Norse roots after this point. As a result, it will be interesting to see where History Channel takes Rollo's story in Season 5 of Vikings. Standen does admit that Rollo will meet up with his Norse family in Season 5, describing the reunion as "explosive, but not in the ways that you'd expect."

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Heahmund is a new character, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, that was introduced at the very end of the Season 4 finale of Vikings. So, moving forward into Season 5, what will happen with this character?

Heahmund is a historical figure Michael Hirst discovered when researching for Vikings, he revealed to Entertainment Weekly.

"I was looking at the history books, and I came across these warrior bishops. The antecedents of the Knights Templar: these are people who were absolutely religious, yet they put on armor and they fought. Don't let their priestly status fool you, either. They were crazy! They believed totally in Christianity and the message, and yet, on the battlefield, they were totally berserk."
Considering History Channel is in production on a series based on the Knights Templar called Knightfall, some fans are speculating these shows will somehow be linked, potentially via Heahmund's character.

The Season 5 trailer shows Heahmund in direct conflict with Ivar and his Great Heathen Army, suggesting the Vikings will continue on in their English raids, to some capacity. In the trailer, Heahmund is shown striking Hvitserk, indicating the Vikings are captured by Heahmund's army at some point in Season 5.

Are you looking forward to Season 5 of Vikings? Let us know your theories and predictions by commenting below.

Vikings has been confirmed by History Channel as returning in 2017 with Season 5.

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