LeAnn Rimes Is Allegedly Trying To Get Pregnant To Save Her Marriage

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Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes have allegedly reached a crossroads in their relationship. A source supposedly close to the couple told Star magazine that Cibrian is fed up with the chaos that surrounds his wife.

According to the source, Rimes is attempting to have a baby to save their marriage. The 30-year-old singer does not have any children. The Playboy Club star has two young boys from his previous marriage to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member, Brandi Glanville.

The source had this to say about Eddie Cibrian’s views on his marriage to LeAnn:

“It never seems to end. He can’t take all of the drama anymore. He told her he needs some time alone to get his head together. She’s taking vitamins and charting her cycle, and she’s even putting on a few pounds, hoping it will help her conceive. Her goal is to be pregnant in 2013, no matter what, even if she has to try IVF. She blames some of her emotional problems on not having a baby of her own.”

The alleged friend of the couple also maintains that Cibrian’s child support payments to Glanville are also a factor in why he has stuck it out this long with Rimes, according to Radar Online. The source had this to say about Eddie’s fiscal and career status:

“Eddie has to pay child support for his sons with Brandi Glanville, Mason and Jake. And let’s face it, his career is at a standstill. LeAnn is the breadwinner and he’s not about to destroy that gravy train. But he’s checked out emotionally. Being with LeAnn is a lot of work. Eddie’s staring to question whether it’s even worth it.”