Cynthia Bailey’s Own Behavior Could Have Started To ‘Fake Divorce’ Rumors

Cynthia Bailey is now a divorced woman, and she loves her new single life. There was nothing that specifically went wrong in her marriage to Peter Thomas, but the two simply started growing in different directions. Bailey revealed that she wanted to focus on her life and her career in Atlanta, but Peter wanted to continue working on his businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina. Without really talking about it, Thomas essentially moved to another state, which really affected their marriage.

But late last year, Cynthia Bailey and Peter were spotted together in Hawaii on a cast trip for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The two of them were spotted hanging out, having drinks together, and just having a great time with their co-stars. And immediately, people started writing articles about how Cynthia might have faked her divorce drama for the sake of ratings. Maybe they weren't divorcing after all. Was it Cynthia's own behavior on the trip that resulted in those rumors?

According to a new Bravo report, Cynthia Bailey is now speaking out about that Hawaii trip that aired on The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night. And while Bailey admitted that it was awkward for her to hang out with her estranged husband as their divorce was being finalized, she did reveal on the show that she considered sleeping with him again. No wonder people were confused about their relationship.

"No, Kandi didn't check with me about Peter coming. I was pretty much told that Todd [Tucker] invited him, and if I was OK with that. I was OK with it," Cynthia Bailey revealed to the Daily Dish about her estranged husband going with the crew to Hawaii, as he admitted that this was possibly the last time he would be hanging out with all of them together.

But it sounds like Bailey did consider hooking up with her ex-husband, even though it was a little awkward for her to be on the trip with Thomas. He just wanted to hang out with everyone, but he admitted that it was hurtful for him to know that this was possibly the last trip with his estranged wife while they were legally still married. And Cynthia Bailey did want to keep the distance from her estranged husband so they didn't hook up.

"I didn't want to share a room, and I definitely didn't want to send mixed signals to the cast to make them feel like, 'Oh, this is gonna be a big trip for us to reunite,'" Cynthia explained about her relationship with Peter Thomas, according to Bravo. "My mind was still made the whole time we went on the trip, and none of that was gonna change. But I think a lot of the girls and guys were optimistic that maybe there would have been a re-love connection."

"Hawaii was definitely big for Peter and I. Hawaii was the first time that I did a trip with Peter as his wife still but as a non-couple on a couples' trip," Cynthia explained to Bravo about how they could get along, adding, "It was a little awkward, because technically we were still married. And it was his birthday. It was all this stuff going on."

It's awesome to think that they have a great relationship and can get along. Real Housewives of Atlanta fans were surprised to see them hold hands in Hawaii, and they didn't look like a couple ready to divorce. But Bailey just wanted to work on their friendship.

Do you think Cynthia Bailey's own behavior is to blame for the reports about her possibly faking her divorce for ratings? Are you surprised that they went on a trip together and Bailey thought about hooking up with her estranged husband?

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