Video Of Giant Brahma Chicken Takes The Internet By Storm

A video showing a gigantic chicken coming out of his coop has set the internet on fire. On Sunday morning, a user named @LifesBook_Ceo shared a video on his Twitter handle. The video, which has been embedded below, shows a ginormous chicken casually walking out of his coop and taking a stroll. The original tweet has since then been tweeted over 33,000 times and has received more than 46,000 likes. The video itself has been estimated to be viewed by a staggering 8.7 million people across the globe. Before proceeding any further, here is the video in question.

After the video had been shared, people were flabbergasted at the sight of it. The video elicited a bunch of hilarious responses, some of which are embedded below.

Now that you have seen the giant chicken and the reaction of the internet, it is natural to think that it is some kind of trick. In fact, if you watch the entire clip, you will notice a second chicken that is equally large. So, what is this all about? Were these normal sized chicken placed in smaller coops to make them appear huge? Turns out, the giant chicken you just saw is for real and actually exists.

According to CNN, the breed of chicken you see in the video is, in fact, called the Brahma Chicken. Brahma Chickens (likely to be named after the Brahmaputra river that spans across India, China, and Bangladesh) could grow to more than two feet in height and could weigh up to 18 pounds (eight kilograms). Females are usually smaller with the largest hen being weighed at around 13 pounds (six kilograms). To put things into perspective, the average chicken could typically weigh anywhere between 1.5 pounds and eight pounds and are much shorter in height. Brahma chickens were initially reared for their meat. However, since the 1930s, these birds have been increasingly used as pets across the U.S. Their sheer physical stature is one of the reasons they are now reared as pets. According to MyPetChicken, Brahma Chickens are “gentle giants” and contrary to their fierce appearance, are very easy to tame.

The actual origins of the Brahma chicken also remain a mystery, although what is known is that these birds were developed entirely in the United States. Their ancestors were first imported from Shanghai, China, owing to which these were initially called the “Shanghai” chicken. According to experts, the large size of the Brahma chicken was the result of the Shanghai chicken being crossbred with another breed of chicken called the Chittagong chicken. For those who do not know, Chittagong is a city in Bangladesh. The Brahmaputra River also empties into the Bay of Bengal close to this city.

Some experts, however, believe that Brahma chickens were originally from India. This, however, remains debatable. Brahma Chickens were at one point also exported to England. The first record of it being sent to Europe dates back to December 1852, when George Burnham sent nine “Gray Shanghaes” to Queen Victoria as a gift.

[Featured Image by 21150/Pixabay]