New Orleans Saints Rumors: Team Could Sign Darrelle Revis For Cheap In 2017

The New Orleans Saints have been pretty active in NFL free agency this year as they look to improve upon disappointing records the past few seasons. They have made a few signings on both sides of the ball, but they know that defense is where the most improvement is needed. Cornerback Darrelle Revis is one of the best defensive backs in the league, and he's also a free agent who the Saints or any other team could sign for cheap in 2017 if they so choose.

Head coach Sean Payton knows that one of the worst defenses in the NFL over the past few years has needed to have some work done. The free agent signings of Alex Okafor and Nick Fairley are huge and necessary moves, but the secondary really does need some help if New Orleans is going to be a contender next season.

One big hurdle was put in the past this week as Revis' legal issues became no more of a problem due to courts in Pittsburgh. 24/7 Sports is reporting that he can now focus on playing football again and any time willing to sign him won't have to worry about losing him for games after signing him.

new orleans saints nfl rumors darrelle revis jets patriots
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The thing is, the Saints or any other NFL team could actually sign Darrelle Revis to a rather cheap contract for 2017, and they have the New York Jets to thank for it.

Last month, the Jets decided to part ways with Revis while he still had $6 million in guaranteed money remaining on his contract. As Rapoport stated, it would make no sense for him to sign for anything other than the NFL's veteran minimum of $1 million in 2017 and let the Jets take care of the rest.

If Revis signs for $1 million anywhere in the NFL, the Jets will pay the other $5 million, and his new team would make out like a bandit. While the Saints could be a possible landing spot for Revis, says not to count out the New England Patriots who may look at bringing him back for another run.

The Saints and Patriots have been partnered up a lot in this NFL offseason as they've already completed one trade and could likely have another on the table.

new orleans saints nfl rumors darrelle revis jets patriots
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Last week, Patriots cornerback and former Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Butler paid a visit to the Saints, and it was said to go quite well. New Orleans was hoping to be able to make a deal for the talented defensive back to land with the Saints, but the asking price may be a bit too steep.

CSNNE is reporting that if the Saints want to sign Butler, it will cost them one of their first-round picks in the NFL Draft which is number 11 overall. Due to Butler being a restricted free agent, that is the cost it would take to pry him loose from the Patriots, but he still hasn't signed his franchise tender with New England either.

There is the possibility the two teams could work out another trade of some kind, but it will cost the Saints at least one of their first-round picks.

Darrelle Revis will end up playing somewhere in 2017, and while he still has a lot to offer, no NFL team is going to pay him a fortune. That is especially true considering how much the New York Jets have to pay him after his release. If they can work out a deal to get Malcolm Butler from the New England Patriots and sign Darrelle Revis for a cheap rate, the New Orleans Saints could end up with one of the best secondaries in the entire league.

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