'Bachelor' Nick And Vanessa Break-Up Prediction Made By 'Reality Steve'

Bachelor Nick Viall and his fiance, Vanessa Grimaldi, may be headed for a break-up -- that is, if you believe Reality Steve's opinion on the matter. To be fair, Steve certainly isn't the only person that thinks that Nick and Vanessa's relationship is doomed. The two didn't really do themselves any favors on After The Final Rose and fans have pretty much been waiting for the official split announcement which could really come any day now that the season is over.

Following the Bachelor finale, Reality Steve posted a blog on his website about Nick and Vanessa and mentioned that he does not think that these two are going to make it. Although his Bachelor spoilers can't predict the future, this guy is a pro when it comes to everything Bachelor related, so fans tend to put a lot of faith into what he says.

"I know I say it every season, but it's not just me being cynical to be cynical. I'm being realistic. These two have a VERY long shot to make it. Too many differences, they've already not had the greatest of three months together, and it's not the most ideal situation for her. I absolutely agree that Chris Harrison was focusing all on the negative with them, but do you think he did that because he knew everything was rosy with them? Of course not. He's never been that harsh towards a final couple that I can remember. He was really going after them, and I guess they handled it as well as they could, but it didn't take a rocket scientist to understand these two aren't long for each other," said Steve.

Bachelor Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi likely won't break up in the coming weeks, however. Vanessa is in Los Angeles with Nick as he competes on Dancing With The Stars and the two are going to be putting on happy faces for the time that Nick has on the show.

That said, Bachelor Nick and Vanessa's breakup seems inevitable. The going belief is that Nick Viall only did The Bachelor because he wanted to extend his 15 minutes of fame. There have been plenty of people claiming that Nick never wanted to find a wife and that he just wants to make money. Maybe that is the case, maybe it isn't. Who knows? The bottom line is that Nick and Vanessa didn't do a great job at convincing the world that they are in love and all eyes are going to be on them as Nick takes to the ballroom tonight and beyond (assuming he isn't the first star to be sent home).

Nick and Vanessa on 'The Bachelor' finale
Nick and Vanessa after getting engaged [Image by Terhi Tuovinen/ABC]

A Nick and Vanessa break up wouldn't shock the world, that's for sure. While Bachelor fans like to root for the couples that fall in love on the show's finale, it seems like the majority of viewers aren't expecting a televised wedding for these two. While they've both been open and honest about the challenges that they have faced since wrapping The Bachelor, they don't seem overly dedicated to one another and the love that other Bachelor-made couples have shown on previous episodes of After The Final Rose far surpasses what Nick and Vanessa had to offer viewers last week.

Do you think that Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi are going to break up? Do you think that Reality Steve is right about their relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

[Featured Image by Terhi Tuovinen/ABC]