Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Latest News On Tony Romo, Cowboys Re-Sign Kellen Moore

Dallas Cowboys rumors address the latest news on Tony Romo, including the Cowboys re-signing Kellen Moore to a new deal. With Dak Prescott already entrenched as the starting quarterback for the Cowboys, this news about Moore also puts him squarely as the backup. This doesn't mean that owner Jerry Jones is necessarily ready to either trade Romo or release him, but it does create some new NFL rumors about what might happen next for the veteran quarterback.

A report by NFL analyst Ian Rapaport confirmed that the Cowboys re-signed Kellen Moore on a one-year deal. Terms of Moore's contract haven't been released yet, but he may not be the only signing that the team does this week. Rapaport also suggested that the team is still looking to add another quarterback to the active roster, possibly meaning that the team could bring in veteran Josh McCown. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the New York Jets want to sign McCown, but he remains available in free agency.

As for the latest news on Tony Romo, many NFL analysts and football fans feel that by re-signing Kellen Moore the franchise has made it blatantly obvious that Romo won't be on the roster much longer. Where the 13-year veteran winds up during the 2017 NFL offseason is still a pending question, though, as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has to decide if he wants to continue holding Romo hostage or set him free by simply releasing him. With very few options available on the market, a Romo trade seems more unlikely with each passing day.

Tony Romo And Dak Prescott With Dallas Cowboys
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One of the main reasons that the Dallas Cowboys trade rumors haven't evolved into something is that Tony Romo's contract is a bad one for any team. Slated to earn $14 million this season,, Romo will also earn $19.5 million in 2018, and then $20.5 million in 2019. This has made moving him a very difficult prospect. That doesn't even count the $24.7 million salary cap hit that the Cowboys would have to absorb this year if he stays on the active roster. It is the dead cap hit that Romo's contract creates which has caused Jones to drag his feet on a final decision.

If the Cowboys trade Romo to the Denver Broncos or any other team that has shown a lot of interest, Romo's contract is still going to remain partly on the books for Jones. This all stems from the large signing bonus and restructuring that has come from the original six-year, $108 million deal. Even if the Cowboys trade Romo, his dead cap hit for the 2017 NFL season is $19.6 million. That would be a tough pill for any owner to swallow, let alone someone as enigmatic as Jerry Jones. It's something important to consider in any of the current Dallas Cowboys rumors.

There are now Tony Romo-Houston Texans rumors that could be the most interesting for NFL fans. The Texans traded quarterback Brock Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns, clearing out a lot of space to either sign or acquire another QB. When it comes to the Texans' salary cap space, the team still has an estimated $22 million to spend this offseason. That's enough space to absorb the base salary for Romo, who would make $14 million this year. The team could also afford him for the next two years but hasn't shown a willingness to take it all on. Yet.

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The Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns, and New York Jets have all come up as potential destinations for Romo this offseason, but none of the teams seems willing to send the Cowboys a draft pick to acquire Romo. That's not surprising, as the growing assumption is that the Cowboys will eventually release Romo, making him much more affordable as a free agent. That could create a bidding war of sorts, as several of those franchises, including the Houston Texans, would certainly want to sign him.

By re-signing Kellen Moore to another contract and expressing interest in signing Josh McCown as the main backup to starting quarterback Dak Prescott, it is very clear that the front office in Dallas is ready to move to a new chapter. There are going to be a lot of additional Dallas Cowboys rumors this week regarding those facts, with the latest news on Tony Romo also suggesting that teams are still waiting on see what Jerry Jones is going to do next.

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