Prince William, Kate Middleton Share New Personal Photos On Website

New intimate photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton have surfaced online. And no, these weren’t taken by a snooping member of the paparazzi with an extreme zoom lens.

Prince William and Kate Middleton recently uploaded several new photos to the The photos show the royal’s “life in pictures” and give an intimate glimpse at how the couple lives when they are not in the spotlight.

Most recently, the royal couple uploaded a photo album from the the Duchess of Cambridge’s tour of Borneo. That album consists of images of the jungle of the Danum Valley research station and Mount Kinabalu but doesn’t contain any images of the royal couple.

Another album, however, focuses on Prince William’s living quarters while stationed at RAF Valley. William can be seen inspecting his plane, drinking coffee, eating with the crew and taking a nap during his 24-hour shift on the base.

The re-vamped website contains several photo albums of the couple dating back to the royal wedding. The website has photos of Prince William from as far back as 2004.

prince william drinking coffee

Are you a fan of Kate Middleton and Prince William? Are you excited to be able to get an inside glimpse at their personal lives?