Donald Trump's Son Eric And Wife Lara Announce Pregnancy: It's A Boy!

It was announced today that there will be one more boy on #TeamTrump come September, as Eric and Lara Trump are expecting their first child, a baby boy. Donald Trump announced that he will have a new grandchild on his favorite format, Twitter.

"Congratulations Eric & Lara. Very proud and happy for the two of you!"

Eric Trump's older brother has five children and sister Ivanka has three, so this will be Donald Trump's ninth grandchild.

The public has had quite a few laughs at the expense of the Trump children, including skits on SNL, where Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are featured as a pair, reports the Inquisitr. Recently, Donald Jr. was portrayed as Eric's keeper, providing him with a bag of Cheerios and a juice box so that he didn't get cranky. After that skit ran on SNL, Donald Jr. posted a photo on Instagram of himself eating a bag of Cheerios, suggesting that he would like to come on the show and play himself. Eric Trump had no response to the SNL portrayal.

Eric Trump recently gave an interview to People Magazine, where he shared that his wife Lara is expecting their first child in September. Eric, who turned 33 in January, before his father Donald Trump was sworn in as president, says he got a birthday surprise.

"We found out on my birthday, which was pretty cool."

Lara Trump, who is involved in numerous animal charities, initially dismissed her fatigue as the whirlwind of the Trump election, but soon she realized it was something else.

"I was exhausted in the beginning. It surprised me, because I'm a very active person, and until the fatigue hit, I didn't believe it would actually happen to me. It really affected me. But I'm feeling really good now."
Eric explained that he and Lara had a favorite name, Charlie, but they already used it for one of their dogs. Lara says she is not worried at all that Eric will be an incredible dad.

"Eric's going to be an amazing dad. The nieces and nephews love hanging with him. He's the cool uncle. He's watched Frozen many times."

The couple said that they told President Donald Trump shortly after they found out that Lara was pregnant, and he was very excited. Eric said that his concern was that dad Donald Trump would blurt it out before they were ready to share it with the world.


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Last week, Eric Trump publicly commented on the leak of his father Donald Trump's tax returns and called it "sad and dangerous." Eric Trump spoke to Fox News and commented that this is not the kind of thing that should happen in the United States.

"It's really sad that we're in an environment where tax returns are leaked by whoever it may be. Just think about how dangerous that is, how third world, that is, of a practice. When personal information is being put out by people for political agendas, as a civilian it's actually scary to me."

With this, Eric Trump was speaking on behalf of the Trump Corporation and not the Trump administration.

Would you like to wish the best to Eric and Lara Trump on the upcoming birth of their child?

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