Yang Hyun Suk Aware K-Pop Fans' Frustrated With How YG Entertainment Promotes Artists, Provides Solution At Press Conference

Presently in K-pop, there are three big entertainment companies and labels that dominate the industry. They are SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment. However, one entertainment company focuses on distinctive music, and it is definitely YG Entertainment. Yang Hyun Suk, the founder and chief executive officer, wanted it to stand out from the other two. As a result, YG Entertainment became known for individual input in said music as well as being able to utilize more urban genres of music such as rap and hip-hop.

In short, YG Entertainment is probably the one entertainment company and label in which artists have a better chance of being self-sufficient soloists especially in more urban genres of music like hip-hop and R&B. Unfortunately, YG Entertainment does have a major flaw: their promotions for their artists.

According to an article by Korean news outlet Instiz, this situation can be broken down into two issues.

  1. Discord with Broadcast Stations: YG Entertainment artists usually do not perform on music shows airing on Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). There is some issues between YG Entertainment and almost all the companies that have music competition variety shows. The Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) seems to be the only broadcasting system that does not have an issue with YG Entertainment.
  2. Not Punctual With YG Entertainment Artists' Promotions: YG Entertainment manages a lot of popular musical artists, especially K-pop acts 2NE1 and Big Bang. Unfortunately, the management lacks structure and only concentrates on musical acts during their comeback or debut. There are also long strides of time in between projects. For example, there was literally two years of inactivity between Winner's two studio albums, 2014 S/S in 2014 and EXIT: E in 2016. Let's not even get started on 2NE1.
2NE1 at MAMA 2015
2NE1, one of YG Entertainment's K-pop acts, hasn't done anything as a group since 2014. They surprised the K-pop community when they made a special appearance at 'MAMA 2015,' but their lack of promotions was such an issue, one of the group's members, Minzy (second from left), decided not to renew her contract. [Image by Mnet]

Thankfully, Yang Hyun Suk has heard the displeasure of K-pop fans who often brand his company and label with negative monikers like "The YG Dungeon." He is aware of their frustrations and provided a solution on the matter recently at a press conference.

For those who do not know, when Yang Hyun Suk founded YG Entertainment, he wasn't just the founder and CEO -- he was also a producer who helped musical talent signed to his company succeed. However, Hyun Suk suddenly joined K-Pop Star, a reality television show on SBS in which contestants compete in hopes of becoming the next big K-pop star. Suddenly, Yang Hyun Suk wasn't producing anymore as he became a prominent television personality, as reported by AllKpop.

"After leaving Seo Tae Ji and Boys, I've been producing since 1997. Then K-Pop Star turned me into a TV personality, and that has made me feel quite pressured. I jokingly say that I was with Seo Tae Ji and Boys for only four years, but continued with K-Pop Star for six years. There are some things I gained and also some that I lost, but I'm happy that I became familiar to the public."

In the next part of his press release announcement, Yang Hyun Suk recognizes the frustrations of YG Entertainment fans. He then reveals that after the upcoming season of K-Pop Star concludes, he will leave the show to be a producer again, as reported by Soompi.

"But I [Yang Hyun Suk] am aware of the biggest complaints by YG fans. That is that the albums of our artists tend to come out very slowly. After 'K-Pop Star' ends, I will leave behind my title of 'TV Personality Yang Hyung Suk' and work hard as a producer."

YG Entertainment, Black Pink
Black Pink, a rookie K-pop girl by YG Entertainment, seems to be seeing precursors of Yang Hyun Suk going back to being a producer. [Image by YG Entertainment]

We are already starting to see signs of "Papa YG" controlling the helm of producing in YG Entertainment, primarily with Black Pink. So far this year, YG Entertainment's rookie K-pop girl group successfully made their debut and first K-pop comeback. The fact that Yang Hyun Suk himself is keeping fans up-to-date on them is a quagmire on its own.

The latest season, being the sixth season, of K-Pop Star will debut sometime this month on Sundays as part of the "Good Sunday" lineup on SBS. Episodes of the previous five seasons can be viewed for free, with ads, on KShowOnline.

[Featured Image by YG Entertainment]