‘Fairy Tail’ Manga 526: Gildarts Destroys August And Big Revelation About Zeref

Chapter 526 of the immensely popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail continues with the two main and epic confrontations. The result of these battles could very well reshape the series and alter the direction in which it is headed.

[Warning: Manga Fairy Tail Chapter 526 spoilers/recap and Chapter 527 speculations head]

In the previous chapter of Fairy Tail, August had managed to get Gildarts all riled up by using psychological warfare on him. By threatening to kill Cana in front of Gildarts, August aggravated the warrior and initiated the fight. Although Cana knew August was merely causing Gildarts to make battle decisions emotionally, she couldn't stop her father from going berserk on the last remaining member of the Spriggan 12. Moreover, despite being warned to stay away from the fight, Cana jumped right into the battle.

In the current chapter of Fairy Tail, it becomes amply clear that Gildarts' judgment is completely clouded by emotions for his daughter. However, Cana makes up for the poor combat performance by her father. She strikes some strong blows at August. Surprisingly, even Gildarts follows up with Fairy Glitter and his own magic attack. However, as expected, nothing happens to the last remaining member of the Spriggan 12. Just when August moves to strike Cana, who has fallen hard after her strike, Gildarts moves in between them and absorb August's staff attack. Although August strikes Gildart's heart, the latter states "that part" was eaten by Acnologia.

Addressing Cana, Gildarts adds that all his thoughts became about her when he realized she was his daughter. However, Cana interjects, stating that even after knowing about his daughter, Gildarts left her. Gildarts reasons that it would have been awkward for Cana if he was always besides her. Melted by his compassion, Cana expresses the desire to stay with her father. However, it is clear that Gildarts has other plans. Knowingly well that it would be near impossible to kill August, it seems Gildarts wants to sacrifice himself to save his daughter. The current chapter does indicate what Gildarts does.

In the previous chapter, August repeatedly asked "Why was his Majesty's child not loved?" to Gildarts. Towards the end of that chapter, it became clear why. Shockingly, despite being defeated, Lacarde turned up at the Fairy Tail Headquarters at Magnolia while Natsu and Zeref were battling. He even urged his father, Zeref, to quickly finish off his younger brother, and free himself of the curse of his sibling. However, instead of being overjoyed to see his dead son come alive again, Zeref asked Lacarde not to distract him.

In the current chapter, Zeref is seen bearing down hard on Lacarde as if to stomp out his life. Lacarde asks his father why. In a shocking revelation, Zeref reveals that Lacarde was merely his creation and not his son. He adds that in the efforts to rebuild Natsu, Lacarde turned out to be the best creation, and hence he decided to bestow the "Dragneel" name upon the "lab rat." Bearing down even harder, Zeref admonishes Lacarde for interrupting his fight with Natsu.

With a powerful blow, Zeref appears to destroy Lacarde and then turns towards Natsu, as the latter appears quite distraught with his opponent's inhuman behavior. Interestingly, the next panel shows Lacarde lying on the floor, quietly weeping.

Chapter 525 showed Mavis' past when she was encased in a strange glass chamber, while a scientist appeared to debate with himself about keeping or aborting a life growing within her. Eventually, he decided to keep the life. In the current chapter, the scientist is identified as Precht. He is pondering about a baby boy that eventually gets born. He wonders if Zeref is the father, and continues to questions his judgment. The baby boy, now grown up, reveals the intense struggles for survival, before meeting Zeref, who adopts him.

The scene shifts back to the battlefield where August and Gildarts continue to remain engaged in a deathly embrace. August gloats that no magic will have any effect on him. Gildarts surprises August by claiming he knows the true nature of his opponent's magic. Gildarts reasons August must be instantaneously copying the magic spell used to strike him. This allowed him to cancel the spell and render it completely ineffective.

Gildarts can correctly guess August's powers because he observed earlier that the last of the Spriggan 12 easily guarded himself against his magic spell and Fairy Glitter. However, August dodged to protect himself from the cards that Cana hurled. In other words, August is unable to copy Holder-type magic. Listening to the revelation, Cana strikes with her cards, hitting August perfectly.

Although Chapter 526 of Fairy Tail doesn't clearly indicate, Gildarts appears to have destroyed August with a punch. Since a punch can't be copied and rendered useless, Gildarts' last strike may have been the one to finish off August.

The most shocking revelation arrives in the last panel of Chapter 526 of Fairy Tail. It turns out, the baby boy Mavis gave birth to, and the one that Zeref adopted, was none other than August. He was named after the month during which Zeref and Mavis were together. The chapter ends with the revelation: "Why was his Majesty's child not loved? That is because he never even aware of my existence." It is clear that the statement was referring to August.

Chapter 527 of Fairy Tail is expected to be released this week. Now that the battle between Gildarts and August has ended, what will be the outcome of the one being fought between Natsu and Zeref? Moreover, in the previous chapter, Erza had called out to Gray and Lucy. Hopefully Fairy Tail mangaka Hiro Mashima offers some clues about the developments in the upcoming chapter of the popular Japanese manga series.

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