'Beauty And The Beast': Check Out 7 Easter Eggs From Disney's New Live Remake

The latest release from Disney is the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, which has had many trying to bring about a fair share of drama. Despite all that, the film ended up breaking numerous records in its opening weekend and there were a lot of repeat viewings from those who simply wanted to see it a second, third, or tenth time. Throughout all those viewings, many hidden secrets and Easter eggs have now made their way out for others to find.

According to Box Office Mojo, Disney hit it out of the park yet again with an estimated opening weekend take of $170 million in domestic theaters. While many are happy to take in an extra viewing because they love it so much, others are going multiple times to see all the hidden things thrown around.

Now, not all of the following have been confirmed by Disney or the filmmakers, but they're fun to find and think about.

Sebastian is on Belle's menu

During the "Be Our Guest" scene, Belle is presented her menu to unfold and take a glance at, but that is all anyone receives — a glance. Multiple viewings may allow you to see some of the items on the menu and one is Les Poissons which is simply the French version of "cooked fish."

Disney fans will remember that phrase from another movie as Sebastian the crab was in danger of being in that dish in the animated hit The Little Mermaid.

Prince Ali's elephant makes an appearance

Belle's father Maurice has a lot of knick-knacks all over the desk in his workshop in Beauty and the Beast, and one particular figurine is intriguing. On the center of the desk is a gold and blue elephant which sits right in front of Belle and has an Arabian palace on its back which is a nod to Disney's other animated hit Aladdin.

beauty and the beast live-action remake disney easter eggs
[Image by Disney]

The significance of blue birds

As pointed out by Flicks and the City, early on in the film, Belle is teaching a young girl to read and say the sentence, "The blue bird flies over the dark woods." In the animated classic of Beauty and the Beast, blue birds are seen often as they fly over the woods in the opening scene and also jump into Beast's hands during the winter scene.

Lumiere has a moment right out of Chicago

Another Easter egg during the "Be Our Guest" scene has Lumiere pay tribute to the film Chicago. Choreographer Bob Fosse is responsible for the actions in that Broadway classic which sees the "Cell Block Tango" recreated in shadow form by the dancing and singing candelabra.

Oh, you will need to pay close attention as it happens fast.

Hi, I'm LeFou -- and I like warm hugs

One of the funniest lines in Beauty and the Beast is when Gaston asks how no girl has swiped him up yet and LeFou responds with, "I've been told I'm clingy, but I don't get it." Disney fans know that LeFou is played by Josh Gad, who was also in Frozen as the voice of the friendly snowman Olaf who likes "warm hugs."

beauty and the beast live-action remake disney easter eggs
[Image by Disney]

While there may be more to this comment from LeFou, it is a rather nice touch and nod to the animated version of Beauty and the Beast.

The Sultan's palace in Agrabah makes shows up

Once again, a tribute to Disney's Aladdin shows up and once again, it comes during the "Be Our Guest" scene, which has an awful lot going on. During the song, Cogsworth finally gets into the dancing spirit and shows up by coming through the doors of a palace which looks just like that of the Sultan.

Not only is the palace there, but Cogsworth has a turban on which looks like the one worn by the Sultan or Prince Ali.

The tribute to Walt Disney himself

A lot of people may have thought they spotted it, but they weren't entirely sure if what they were seeing was accurate. The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that there is indeed a giant "W.D." on the ballroom floor as Belle and Beast are dancing in a recreation of the iconic scene.

Production designer Sarah Greenwood has confirmed this tribute to Walt Disney and states is "a quiet homage" to the man who started it all.

beauty and the beast live-action remake disney easter eggs
[Image by Disney]

These hidden secrets, inside jokes, and Easter eggs from Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast are far from the only ones to be found. Many others are starting to find their way onto social media, and while not all of them are true or intended, it is fun to see what others imagine they see. Disney is going to continue to keep making money off of this hit for weeks and months to come while repeat viewings take place to find all the secrets and enjoy.

[Featured Image by The Walt Disney Company]