New Bravo Series 'Sweet Home Oklahoma' Heads To The Heartland

Viewers of this light-hearted new series will be introduced to three close friends who live in the same neighborhood in Oklahoma City called Nichols Hills. Angie "Pumps" Sullivan, Jennifer Welch, and Lee Murphy like to keep it fun while they work at finding the right balance between their families, friends, and careers. When the trio does find time to get together on Sweet Home Oklahoma, there are plenty of humorous moments, non-stop shenanigans, and lots of joking around.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegraph shared that Sweet Home Oklahoma will be different than the Real Housewives shows that fans are familiar with from Bravo, describing the series as a kinder, gentler slice-of-life show. Although there's never a dull moment with these three friends, they don't like to stir up a lot of drama or talk trash about one another on Sweet Home Oklahoma.

"That's something we addressed right away when we were approached about this," Jennifer said. "We are friends and our friendships are more important to us than being on TV. The show is a story about women and the strength of our friendships. It's about being adults and being moms and having jobs. It's about this crazy walk that we all go through called 'adulting.'"

There may not be any of the Real Housewives kind of bad or outrageous behavior on Sweet Home Oklahoma, but there is plenty of self-deprecating humor. Bravo posted a 10-minute video of the first episode to its Sweet Home Oklahoma page that reveals Pumps getting the most laughs due to her quirky nature and her fun, unique take on life. Jennifer and Lee decide that Pumps needs to exercise more, and when they meet for lunch, Jennifer hands out health trackers where they can track each others' movements throughout the day.

"Jennifer's heart is in the right place," Pumps says about her friend on the Sweet Home Oklahoma preview clip. "But I know she's going to torture me, she just can't help it."

Jennifer doesn't see it as torture but as friends helping one another.

"We have all struggled, being adults, and the people who helped me through that were my girlfriends," she says.

When Lee shares a little about her busy life as a single mom to three boys on Sweet Home Oklahoma, she admits that she hasn't had sex in six months, and Pumps immediately interjects that she hasn't had sex since 2011. Both Lee and Jennifer are divorced, and Pumps is currently going through the divorce process, representing herself since she's a lawyer.

According to Broadway World, Angie "Pumps" Sullivan was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but she grew up in Oklahoma City. After receiving her undergraduate degree in elementary education at the University of Oklahoma, she decided that working with children was not for her and she attended law school, where she met Jennifer's husband, Josh Welch. When she hired Jennifer to be her interior designer, they quickly became close friends. When Jennifer began calling her "Angelina Pumpkintina," the nickname stuck and eventually morphed into Pumps. Pumps practices marriage and family law and has three children.

Jennifer Welch is a high-end interior designer and is often referred to as "The Sheriff" because of her take-charge attitude. Her house serves as the hub on Sweet Home Oklahoma, where she and her girlfriends usually get together. Although Jennifer is divorced from Josh, the couple lives together with their two sons. As for Sweet Home Oklahoma, Welch is pleased with how Oklahoma has been depicted on the show.

"I think there's an attitude on the East and West Coasts that they're somehow superior to us and we're just flyover states," she says. "What's completely lost on them is that there are places like Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, St. Louis, Kansas City and Little Rock where there are huge pockets of sophistication."

Josh Welch is an integral part of Sweet Home Oklahoma, and even though he was born in Paris, Texas, he has spent most of his life in Oklahoma City. He met Pumps while attending law school, and they have been close friends for 23 years. After Jennifer and Josh were married, Josh became a top criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, Josh began to struggle with addiction, and he lost both his career and his family. He was able to work hard to get his family back, and today he has been sober for almost two years. Both he and Jennifer agree that he is an amazing father, and the family dynamics seem to work well for all of them. Viewers of Sweet Home Oklahoma will immediately notice that he has a big sense of humor and loves push the trio's buttons on a regular basis.

Lee Murphy was born and raised in Oklahoma City, but lived in San Francisco and Boston in her 20s. Wanting to raise her children closer to family, she moved back to Oklahoma City after her first son was born in 2004, and two years later, she gave birth to twin boys. Lee loves being a mother and enjoys taking her boys on as many adventures as possible. Since she is divorced, viewers of Sweet Home Oklahoma will follow along as Lee tries to figure out the online dating world, undoubtedly with the help of her friends. She stays busy raising her sons, working at her career as medical device sales rep, and spending time with Pumps and Jennifer.

Each of the friends has been through a lot in their own lives, but they keep things fun and lively on Sweet Home Oklahoma. With these three, there never seems to be a dull moment, and viewers will definitely enjoy the humorous banter that flows thick and fast on Sweet Home Oklahoma. They will also get a good look at life in an Oklahoma suburb, and what they discover may surprise them.

Will you be checking out Sweet Home Oklahoma? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Two episodes of Sweet Home Oklahoma will air back-to-back on Monday, March 20 at 10 p.m. ET on the Bravo channel.

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