WWE News: Reports Confirm AJ Styles Fired From ‘SmackDown,’ Will Be On ‘Raw’

Latest WWE News about AJ Styles

AJ Styles is a beloved figure in wrestling, so when the WWE news reports of his potential firing began surfacing, fans went crazy with the concern that they would never see their beloved champion again.

However, shortly after those reports came out, it was revealed that AJ Styles may be moving to Monday Night Raw, while Roman Reigns went to SmackDown Live. And while many wrestling fans thought this was a possible — and welcome — move, nothing had been confirmed in stone.

Now, however, the story has changed completely, as Forbes has confirmed that AJ Styles, while fired from the company, is heading over to Monday Night Raw.

According to their WWE news report, the goal of the company was to make this firing happen toward the end of WrestleMania promotion season. This, then, would make it easier for AJ Styles to transfer easily to Raw while allowing Reigns to transition over to SmackDown without much fanfare.

And there’s an added benefit to bringing Styles into the Raw stable, too: for Stephanie McMahon to spite her older brother.

“If Stephanie McMahon kicked off Monday’s Raw by announcing she has signed Styles to spite her older brother, it would capture the spirit of the memorable first episode of Monday Nitro.”

And the Forbes report is confirmed by the latest WWE news from WhatCulture, who suggested that while the move may be good for Styles, it wouldn’t necessarily be good for Reigns. Reigns, according to the site, would be moving to the blue brand that — dollar for dollar — has fewer numbers in terms of viewers than the red brand.

The idea, however, is that Reigns would take the viewers with him when he moves to the Tuesday night lineup.

For AJ Styles, too, this would be a perfect opportunity for him to get in front of a larger audience and to turn face in the company.

“If the move goes down, Reigns would have the likes of The Miz, Baron Corbin, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt to work with. Styles would have Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, Braun Strowman, and perhaps a money match with Brock Lesnar to look forward to. If they turn Styles face, he could be the top star on the brand in no time.”

But in order for all of this to get pulled off without a hitch, according to the latest WWE news report from Bleacher Report, AJ Styles’s face-off against Shane McMahon must be the headlining match at WrestleMania.

According to the outlet, Styles’ career — and his resume — lend themselves to him becoming deserving of a headlining spot on wrestling’s biggest night. And while Shane McMahon’s wrestling style leaves much to be desired — especially now that he’s older and doesn’t have a good style — his name, of course, would be enough for him to coast by on wrestling’s biggest stage. He is a McMahon, after all.

“Not only does Styles deserve that spotlight, he also would help guarantee that ‘Mania had a headline match worthy of the show’s history. Just as Shawn Michaels was always the man WWE turned to for a fantastic match, Styles could certainly take on the role of Mr. WrestleMania with ease.”

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