Scheana Marie Enjoys A Romantic Vacation With New Boyfriend Robert Valletta

Scheana Marie recently said she and her new boyfriend, Robert Parks-Valletta, were taking things slow, but it sure doesn't look that way.

Although Scheana Marie's divorce from husband Mike Shay has not yet been finalized, she and Valletta continue to spend tons of time together, and after a trip to Big Bear earlier this month, they have traveled to Hawaii to celebrate her father's birthday.

On March 19, the Daily Mail revealed Scheana Marie and her boyfriend were "moving at full speed" as they flaunted their new romance.

In photos of the couple, Scheana Marie and Robert Parks-Valletta enjoyed the water and were seen enjoying a steamy embrace. They were also seen walking with Valletta's arms wrapped around Scheana Marie's neck.

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During their trip to Big Bear, Scheana Marie and her boyfriend shared a couple of photos on Instagram. In Scheana Marie's post, she was seen wearing her ski goggles as Valletta was seen in the reflection and Valletta's photo, Scheana Marie was seen in the reflection of his goggles.

At the end of last month, weeks after Scheana Marie appeared with Robert Parks-Valletta at the premiere of his new series, Bronzeville, a source spoke about the reality star's impending divorce and new relationship.

"[Scheana Marie] is focused on getting through this difficult time and finding a new balance in her life. She wasn't expecting to meet somebody new so soon; she certainly wasn't looking for it," a source close to Scheana Marie explained to People Magazine. "She's taking things slow, but is finally optimistic on what the future might hold."

A short time later, Scheana Marie attended the iHeart Radio Music Awards with her sister and addressed her romance with Valletta.

"He's just an amazing person," Scheana Marie gushed to Us Weekly magazine during the show. "Hopefully we get picked up and he films next season and you'll get to see that. He's a really great guy."

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According to Scheana Marie, she and Valletta have known one another for some time but recently allowed their friendship to turn romantic.

"We met 10 years ago— he was working the door at a club I used to go to all the time. He asked me out and I said no, and then eventually I said yes. Timing didn't work out, but we're giving it a shot. We'll see. We're taking things very slow," she insisted.

As for Valletta's potential role on Vanderpump Rules Season 6, Scheana Marie couldn't yet confirm whether he would be involved, but she did say that she would love to have him come aboard.

"Ultimately, it'll be his decision," she explained. "If we're still together come May and if he wants to, he's welcome to; if he doesn't, I'm OK with that."

Scheana Marie and Mike Shay shared their relationship with the cameras for five seasons, including their many happy moments. As fans will recall, Scheana Marie and Mike Shay got engaged and married on the show, and during last week's episode, she brought up the idea of starting a family. A short time later, however, she and Mike Shay broke up.

As the season continues, fans will see the demise of Scheana Marie's marriage, but Valletta will not be seen until the show's possible return later this year.

To see more of Scheana Marie and her co-stars, including her soon-to-be ex-husband Mike Shay, tune into new episodes of Vanderpump Rules Season 5 on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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