WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns To End Brock Lesnar's Career?

Roman Reigns is nothing if not a controversial and polarizing figure in wrestling. However, the latest WWE rumors suggest that the so-called "Big Dog" is about to topple one of the biggest names -- and biggest superstars -- in the world of wrestling today: Brock Lesnar! According to this report, there's only one reason that Lesnar's been positioned by the company as a "Beast" -- so he could lose to Reigns, who will subsequently remain the "face" of the company.

This is a pretty bold claim, to be sure, but one that could possibly make sense when one looks at the overall career trajectories of both Reigns and Lesnar.

The latest WWE rumors arrive courtesy of Sportskeeda, who came to that conclusion thanks to the speculation that Reigns and Lesnar were going to have a face-off during WrestleMania 34 next year. For a long time, Lesnar was billed as the company's "next big thing," but when Reigns came onto the scene, the title went to him. This led the WWE to come to the conclusion, according to the outlet, that a battle royale between Reigns and Lesnar -- in a "clash of the titans"-type scenario -- would be ratings gold for the company.

Meanwhile, according to the latest WWE rumors from Still Real to Us, Roman Reigns fans can check out their hero tonight on Monday Night Raw when he faces off against Braun Strowman.

According to the outlet, the fight is being advertised as a means to "settle the score" between the two superstars, implying that a momentous title belt is a long way off for the Big Dog.

"Tonight's episode of Raw will continue to build hype for the show of shows, and it's also been announced that Roman Reigns will battle Braun Strowman in a one on one match. Strowman and Reigns have been feuding for months, and Reigns defeated Strowman when he pinned him clean at Fastlane. The Monster Among Men is obviously out for revenge, so we'll just have to see if he gets it tonight."

Finally, according to the latest WWE rumors from Forbes, part of this overall tactic with Roman Reigns is to make him become "the next John Cena." After rumors were released that Reigns was set to be traded to SmackDown from Raw after WrestleMania 33 came about, the speculation began that he was headed for a World Championship title belt run -- despite the fact that he'd just recently lost the Universal title to Chris Jericho.

The "Reigns as Cena" push would be complete if Reigns took home the title belt and became the number one "face" in the company -- literally and figuratively -- and that could only happen if he got traded.

Still, before he gets to that point, he has to fight unnecessary battles with superstars like Braun Strowman.

"Reigns, for all the criticism he gets, is a strong merchandise mover and a popular YouTube attraction, but he's still struggled to win over the most vocal fan base that continues to boo him ruthlessly. While booking Reigns in yet another WrestleMania main event and giving him another big World title win likely won't do him any favors with those fans, it's understandable why WWE likely won't give up on the Reigns push anytime soon and why WWE is grooming him to be "the next John Cena."

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