Nick And Vanessa Break Up? Not Yet, But They Don't Seem Happy Together

Did Nick and Vanessa break up? That's the question fans are asking after the couple from the most recent season of The Bachelor have been spotted out and about, looking unhappy (or at least, uncomfortable) together in public. So are the brave couple simply putting on a brave face for the TV cameras?

Looking Tense In Hollywood

As the Daily Mail reports, paparazzi spotted the happy couple looking not so happy during a routine outing in Hollywood last week. Dressed in workout gear, the two were seen walking down the street, not touching each other. Nick had his headphones in his ears and his arms folded, while Vanessa bore a serious expression on her face.

Once the pair noticed they were on camera, however, they both perked right up. They suddenly found their smiles and started laughing with one another.

That Awkward "After The Final Rose" Appearance

In fact, the purported awkwardness in Nick and Vanessa's relationship goes back even further than uncomfortable moments out on the streets. Ever since this season of The Bachelor ended -- that very night, in fact -- fans haven't been fully convinced that the couple's relationship has staying power. That's because after the Bachelor finale, Nick and Vanessa appeared together on a post-show special, "After the Final Rose." And they seemed uncomfortable with each other even then.

Speaking later to the Insider, Nick himself confirmed that their relationship is going to take some work.

"'After The Final Rose had a heavy tone to it. We made a conscious choice to not show up and be like, 'Oh my God...' Things are great, but also, this hasn't been the easiest."

Vanessa similarly suggested that starting off a romantic relationship based on the outcome of a reality competition show isn't going to be easy.

"We're very optimistic about the future but it's just we are very realistic about real life."

Even last year's Bachelor star, Ben Higgins, seems to have picked up on the observation that all does not seem right in Nick and Vanessa Land, according to a March 16 Entertainment Tonight report.

"It sounds like their relationship is off to maybe a difficult start... He needs to start investing in their relationship more than anything else. That would be my advice. It is a tough season of life."

A Body Language Expert Weights In

Never willing to let a juicy story go uninvestigated fully, the tabloid press has even gone so far as to consult with a body language expert to pick apart what's going on (or not going on) between Nick and Vanessa. Dr. Lillian Glass scrutinized every frame of that "After the Final Rose" appearance, and her findings are not good.

"Ms. Grimaldi speaks in a monotone... Nick has a mask-like smile where he doesn't show his teeth. This means they are both tense about the subject of marriage and a future together."


The Bachelor's Poor Track Record On Starting Lasting Relationships

Unfortunately, history isn't on Nick and Vanessa's side. As Just Jared notes, while The Bachelor and its spinoff shows are good at creating B-List reality TV celebrities, they're not so good at creating lasting relationships. Over more than 30 seasons of the various shows in the franchise, fewer than 10 couples lasted for a year or more.

How long do you think it will be until Nick and Vanessa break up?

[Featured Image by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]