Tom Brady's Jersey Found: Two Super Bowl Jerseys Recovered, Thieves Revealed?

Since the end of Super Bowl 51, the biggest story in NFL world has been what happened to Tom Brady's Super Bowl Jersey? Well, the chase for the missing New England Patriots jersey looks like it's coming to an end, as reports are indicating that Brady's valuable game winning Super Bowl jersey has been recovered.

According to a FOX Sports report, Brady's jersey was apparently taken from the locker room by a member of the international media. While it may seem silly to many folks that such a big deal is being made of a jersey, the value of this item could land the thief in much hot water. The Super Bowl jersey, valued at $500,000, disappeared from Brady's locker area following New England's Super Bowl LI victory over the Atlanta Falcons.
Jay Glazer indicates that the NFL issued the following statement regarding the investigation, and in a shocking discovery, the NFL is also indicating that Brady's Super Bowl XLIX Jersey was also found. They were both located in the possession of a credentialed member of the international media. Obviously, this person had a Tom Brady fetish.
Here is where this story can get even a bit messier.

Because the game was in Houston, Texas, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick enlisted the Texas Rangers to help find it. That only makes sense. While they were unable to find the missing Tom Brady jersey, the FBI was called in to help, and they apparently got the job done.

However, the fact that Brady's jersey has been found in a different country is only adding to the possibility of a stiffer penalty that this alleged thief may face, since technically the missing Brady Super Bowl jersey was found on "foreign soil," which is why the FBI was involved in the first place.

Never before has a Tom Brady jersey been in such demand. [Image by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images]

Ever since the jersey was reported stolen, NFL media realized that this was a serious offense and that the perpetrator could be facing a large penalty.

"Whoever took it has to be scared as [expletive]," an NFL source involved with the investigation said last month. "They had no idea what they were getting into. Now it's everywhere. If that thing is worth $500,000 like some people are saying, that's prison time. It might not even be easy to give it back at this point."
Brady, who was ecstatic about helping the Patriots complete the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history when New England defeated the Atlanta Falcons in overtime 34-28, was in a much more somber mood 24 hours later at the Super Bowl press conference the following day.
"It's unfortunate, because that's a nice piece of memorabilia," Brady told the press a day later. "If it shows up on eBay or something, somebody let me know. I'll try to track that down. "Those are pretty special ones to keep. But what can you do? I'll take the ring. That's good enough for me."
The last thing that the AFC East and the entire NFL wants to see next season is Tom Brady once again playing with a chip on his shoulder over something. Teams within the Patriots' division may be happy to hear that Brady's jersey has been recovered! Now that the Patriots have "jersey-gate" apparently put behind them, they can once again concentrate on how they can win yet another Super Bowl title next season.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady looks for his missing jersey in the locker room after Super Bowl 51. [Image by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]

New England is once again the Las Vegas favorite to win Super Bowl 52 at 7/1 odds. With the way Vegas sports books post odds on anything nowadays, if the Patriots are in the big game next February, there may be a "Will Tom Brady's jersey be stolen" prop wager on the board!

[Featured Image by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]