Is Meghan Markle Being Forced To Quit Acting?

Is Meghan being forced to quit acting? That's the question being asked after a source said that she was looking to change careers. The actress is Rachel Zane on Suits. The show is about college drop-out Mike Ross and Harvey Specter and how they close cases. Meghan's character is a paralegal and rumors about her character soon becoming a focal point due to her newfound popularity might be refuted.

Meghan may soon quit acting after Suits wraps up its seventh season but it has nothing to do with the royal family. A source told E! News prior to meeting the prince she was always going to change her career. According to their source, she was thinking about transitioning out of acting. Adding that she wanted to focus on other endeavors, including her philanthropy.

Meghan The Humanitarian

The Canadian actress was recently in India for a week on a humanitarian mission to help impoverished girls and women. It is said that the actress wants to provide a better future for women and girls in developing countries all over the world.

After spending a week in India, she wrote an essay for Time magazine about "how periods affect potential." Her essay talked about what she saw while she was in India and her dissatisfaction with how girls lose out when it comes to education. The girls are said to miss a number of days of school and due to this, they miss out on a lot of information that would be viable for them. She also talked about the stigma surrounding menstruation and how it affects girls and why it shouldn't stop girls from prospering in whatever they want.

Is Meghan-Markle being forced to quit acting?
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Meghan added that a lot of girls from different parts of the world are too shy to talk about what is most natural, and therefore miss out on their own potential. She urged that it was necessary to converse and have better policies with regard to menstrual health as well as to support organizations that take care of girls.

"Wasted opportunity is unacceptable with stakes this high. To break the cycle of poverty, and to achieve economic growth and sustainability in developing countries, young women need access to education. When we empower girls hungry for education, we cultivate women who are emboldened to effect change within their communities and globally. If that is our dream for them, then the promise of it must begin with us. Period."
Serena Williams shared on Twitter how proud she was of Meghan for writing the essay and even went on to say that she inspires her every day. Her half-sister Samantha, on the other hand, did not share the same pride.

Is Meghan-Markle being forced to quit acting?
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Meghan's sister decidedly bashed her and asked if Meghan had donated anything or if she was simply just having a photo opportunity. Her sister who seems to be very bitter about her sister's success has been tweeting her feelings of disdain towards her sister. She tweeted saying that her sister ignores her because she's in a wheelchair and that that was embarrassing. She added that the late Princess Diana, mother to Prince Harry, would "scoff" at Meghan.

Shall Meghan Become A Princess?

After her relationship with the prince was officially confirmed, it was met with different reactions but one of the curious questions is if she would become a princess.

Despite her sister considering her a social climber among other things, it seems if Meghan does indeed marry Prince Harry, just like Kate, she shall not be considered a princess as she is a commoner. Meghan is apparently set to meet Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry's grandmother, very soon, and the rumors about a possible future engagement continue to swirl.

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