Brad Pitt, Kate Hudson Pregnancy Rumors Soar, Reportedly 'Desperate' For Baby

Rumors that Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson are involved in a secret romance have swirled for months. But now a new report claims that Hudson has a blossoming baby bump, and Pitt is allegedly the baby daddy. Is it possible that Kate and Brad are taking their alleged romance to a new level with a pregnancy?

Even though Hudson and Pitt have not confirmed reports of their secret romance, they allegedly won't be able to hide the reported result of their relationship soon, according to Yahoo's report that Kate is trying to cover up a tiny baby bump.

Kate Hudson reportedly is swapping those crop tops for flowing dresses to cover up an alleged baby bump.
Kate Hudson reportedly is swapping those crop tops for flowing dresses to cover up an alleged baby bump. [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

The 37-year-old actress' friends reportedly claim that Hudson has a pregnancy "bump," and the media outlet cited sources who allege that she is expecting. The rumors soared when Kate was seen sporting a flowing, loose dress that still couldn't hide the alleged bump.

In addition to reportedly swapping her usual crop tops for maxi dresses, Hudson allegedly has stopped drinking booze, adding to the pregnancy rumors, according to the media outlet. One of the sources described Kate's alleged feelings about having a baby with Brad.

"Kate has made no secret of the fact that she's desperate to have a baby with Brad."
Although the insider described Hudson as "playing things very coy right now," the actress is "definitely hiding some happy news." As for how Pitt reportedly feels about the situation, Brad allegedly is "delighted" with her reported pregnancy.

"Brad will be a great father, as far as Kate's concerned," said another insider quoted by the media outlet.

"[Brad Pitt is] kind, caring and he loves kids."
Pitt, 53, already is the parent of six children with Angelina Jolie. It's been months since Brad and Angelina announced their split, however, and the rumors that Pitt was involved with Hudson began after the breakup.

Reports that Brad and Kate were trying to keep a secret romance under wraps escalated when they both were seen at the Golden Globes, reported the Daily Mail, noting that the two have been "linked for months."

When Hudson showed up at a Golden Globes after party, she was wearing a cleavage-baring gold lace frock. Her appearance followed the cheers that Pitt received when he presented the movie Moonlight at the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and there was speculation that Kate and Brad planned to meet up at the party.

Hudson's mother Goldie Hawn didn't deny the rumors that her daughter is involved with Pitt, according to X17, which reported that Hawn appeared to be on the verge of confirming the reports.

When the publication asked Goldie about the reports that Hudson was secretly hooking up with Pitt, the famous star laughed, and didn't deny the reports. The media outlet interpreted that giggle as a "yes."

Kate Hudson is rumored to be involved with Brad Pitt, and her mom Goldie Hawn giggled when asked about the romance rumors.
Kate Hudson is rumored to be involved with Brad Pitt, and her mom Goldie Hawn giggled when asked about the romance rumors. [Image by MJ Kim/Getty Images]

Also, the media outlet reported that during a Golden Globes after party, Kate was "overheard gushing about her trysts" with Brad. However, Hudson and Pitt reportedly stayed apart during the actual party.

When it was time to leave, though, Kate allegedly was seen driving off in an SUV with the same license plate as the vehicle that took Brad home previously that evening.

On Valentine's Day, Hudson herself fueled the rumors of a romance with Pitt with a video in which she sung Rihanna's "Love On The Brain," noted Yahoo.

Some fans speculated that the intended recipient of her song was Brad, with the actress' caption rumored to be sending love from her family to his.

"We got love on the brain and sending you all ❤'s! Happy Valentine's Day from our fam to yours."
Helping his mom, Hudson's son Ryder, 13, co-starred in the video. He clung to the top of a velvet couch while his mother sung, then gave Kate the cue to form a heart shape with her hands.Hudson allegedly confirmed her romance with Pitt at two Golden Globes after parties. Kate reportedly revealed that she and Brad had gotten together on "several occasions" after his split from Angelina Jolie, according to the publication.

Moreover, another insider cited by the media outlet offered more confirmation.

"Kate is Brad's mystery woman."
That insider described Hudson and Pitt as "extremely close over the past few weeks, following several secret meet-ups." A former Pitt bodyguard also hinted that Kate and the actor were a couple in the wake of his breakup from Jolie.

"They make a great celebrity couple. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they were dating," said Kris Herzog.

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