Donald Trump Falsely Accusing Barack Obama Could Lead To Impeachment

Donald Trump recently accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his Trump Towers in New York. As of this writing, there is no substantial proof behind the accusations, and it has already created a lot of tension at the federal level. There are recent reports that suggest that Trump impeachment is possible because of the recent accusations. Is this really possible for Congress to remove the president just because of a tweet?

On March 4, President Donald Trump tweeted that former President Barack Obama ordered a wiretap on his phones during the election. When the president tweeted about Barack Obama's administration, it was reported that he has no substantial proof to justify his outburst. However, during his recent interview with Fox News, President Trump said that he got his information from the New York Times when the publication wrote about in on January 20 and used the word "wiretap."
"Not that I respect the New York Times. I call it the 'failing' New York Times. But they did write on Jan. 20, using the word 'wiretap.'"
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During his conversation with Fox News' Tucker Carlson, President Trump further stated that the word wiretapping is an obsolete stuff, but it also covers different kinds of surveillance.

From his tweets and the recent interview, it reportedly shows that the president has accused Obama of a high crime and/or misdemeanor. Bloomberg's Noah Feldman stated that there is a difference between a normal citizen and the commander in chief to make such an accusation.

"An accusation by a president isn't like an accusation leveled by one private citizen against another, It's about more than factual truth or carelessness."
Case in point being, if a civilian accuses Barack Obama of wiretapping their phones, the former president can sue them for libel. Also, if their statements are knowingly false then they have to pay certain money. On the other hand, if the president makes the same statement, he cannot be sued in his official capacity. According to National Memo, the false accusations by the president is a wild abuse of power and perhaps his first impeachable offense of his term as the president of the United States of America.

"Given how great the executive's power is, accusations by the president can't be treated asymmetrically," Feldman from Bloomberg further wrote, "If the alleged action would be impeachable if true, so must be the allegation if false."

Meanwhile, there are many Republicans who think that Donald Trump should apologize to the U.K. and Barack Obama for the wiretapping claims. Texas Representative Will Hurd said to ABC's The Week that he learned to apologize from his grandfather, and he thinks that the president should also take the same advice.

"We live in a very dangerous world and we can't do it alone, and when we have a major ally – and it's not just sorry to the President [Obama] but also to the UK, for the claims, or the intimation, that the UK was involved in this as well."
Can Donald Trump Be Impeached Just Because Of A Tweet?

Given the recent updates, if the allegations are not true and unsupported by evidence, it can be a scandal on a major scale. According to Chicago Tribune, these are that kind of accusations by the president that may lead to his impeachment.

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Would Trump's Apology Mean Anything?

Senator Tom Cotton, a member of SIC, was recently asked on CNN whether he had seen any evidence that second President Trump's recent claim on Barack Obama. Mr. Cotton said that the intelligence committee is reviewing the documents and taking testimony from witnesses to see if there was any such evidence that proves that Donald Trump did not falsely accuse Barack Obama.

Donald Trump accusing Barack Obama of a crime and then demanding the evidence makes room for many questions. According to Feldman, impeachment is the only remedy for such kind of oppressions.

"Anything else would give the president the power to distort democracy by calling his opponents criminals without ever having to prove it," he further added.

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