‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Threatens Anna To Save Nina Marriage

General Hospital spoilers for next week on GH hint Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) wants to patch up his marriage to Nina Cassadine (Michelle Stafford) and that means he has to cut Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) out of his life. This escalates to a tense situation on General Hospital and leads to threats.

Valentin Drops In On Anna

At first, Valentin approaches Anna on Monday, March 20 on General Hospital and offers her a truce. Valentin knocks on her door and asks to come inside. She says "what if I say no?" and Valentin tells Anna he can always break into her house like she did to his before on General Hospital.

There's a new General Hospital promo video, see below, that shows Valentin saying he wants to end the dance going on between them. Anna relents and lets Valentin into her house. She looks stunned that he wants to end their interaction. Will Anna be able to let this go on General Hospital?

Anna Shocked By Valentin

On the General Hospital spoilers promo, Anna asks what Valentin means by "ending the dance" and the Greek bad boy gets very specific with her. He is not mincing words, and it seems that all the hints of flirtation between Valentin and Anna are done on General Hospital.

On Monday's General Hospital, Valentin stares Anna down and says, "No more breaks in, no more public confrontations." But that's not the only demands Valentin has. He also tells her there will be no more hints about their shared past she can't remember and General Hospital spoilers say that's a problem.

Valentin Chooses Nina

While it seems Valentin is being harsh with Anna on General Hospital, it also seems like he's doing everything he can to protect his marriage to Nina. Val knows Nina is having fits of jealousy over Anna, and he wants to reward Nina for sticking by him in the custody battle on General Hospital.

On the next General Hospital, Valentin tells Anna, "I just want peace." He also says, "My wife and my daughter are the only things that matter to me." That sounds reasonable since Anna was planning to illegally bug his house without a warrant on prior General Hospital episodes.

Anna Stunned At Threat

General Hospital spoilers for Monday say the conversation takes a nasty turn when Valentin puts on his seriously scary face. He tells Anna, "I won't let you disrupt that" when he's speaking about his happy home life with Nina and Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) on General Hospital.

But then Valentin takes a step further and General Hospital spoilers from Soap She Knows show he makes a scary threat to Anna saying, "If you persist, I'll remove you for good." Anna is floored and her mouth hangs open when Val makes the threat on Monday's General Hospital.

Former Spy Won't Back Down

General Hospital spoilers predict Anna won't be a shrinking violet and will not respond the way he expects. She wants him to fill in the gaps in her memory. But Valentin refuses to tell her what she did and Anna has a lingering feeling she wronged him. More will be revealed on General Hospital.

Anna will find a way to get the information she wants, according to General Hospital spoilers. On March 22, Anna goes to Dr. Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) for assistance. Dr. O has a deep history with the Cassadines and might have dirt on Valentin. Good thing Anna is at General Hospital all the time anyway.

Can Chemistry Be Denied?

On next week's General Hospital, Valentin is working hard to respect his marriage to Nina by trying to scare Anna away but Anna knows better and so do GH viewers. Valentin carried Anna into the General Hospital ER and stayed by her side, kissing her hand and comforting her while she slept.

That is not a man who will hurt her. Valentin has love deep down in his dark heart for Anna and General Hospital spoilers for down the road predict that he can't quit her, and there's trouble coming in the new marriage of Nina and Valentin on General Hospital.

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