'True Blood' Spinoff, 'Midnight, Texas,' Gets Premiere Date

True Blood fans can rejoice now that a cousin TV show, Midnight, Texas, has been developed and the official premiere date has been announced. There is nothing more inviting than those vampires from the deep South that have come back into fans' lives to charm and suck the life right of you in front of your TV set every week.

For those who are wondering, Midnight, Texas hails from the mind of Charlaine Harris, the talented author who originally started the stories of Sookie Steakhouse that HBO's True Blood was based on. And now, Midnight, Texas has officially been given a premiere date on NBC, which will be this summer, on July 25, according to Deadline.

What is especially unique about Midnight, Texas is that it is full of all kinds of supernatural entities and quirky characters, not just vampires. Although many have said that the Midnight, Texas book does not feature the vampires that would have been present in True Blood, you should probably consider the character of Lemuel.

Lemuel is a vampire whose own history inside of Midnight, Texas is long and storied. What's even more, he is played by Peter Mensah, formally of True Blood. But he is not the driving force for Midnight, Texas, but rather a side character beyond the ensemble that fills out the cast and gives it an alluring sense of power.

Francois Arnaud plays Manfred on Midnight, Texas, and his character seems to be the one who fits top billing for the series. He is a psychic who can communicate with the dead, but with a town full of the undead, preacher werewolves, witches, and assassins, talking to the dead might not be too hard for anyone.

Fans of True Blood have also expressed their disappointment that Midnight, Texas was developed for broadcast TV, which will air on NBC. Given the strict editing necessary for the censorship of public airwaves, the lurid situations that were popular on True Blood will not likely make an appearance on Midnight, Texas. But then again, the show is really trying to set itself apart from True Blood and tell a different story than what fans have already seen.

There are also fans of True Blood that say the lurid sex and unedited gore is what made the show so attractive and a major draw for HBO. But there are certain elements to Midnight, Texas that could essentially pass for the subject matter that fans would want.

If you were to take a good look at all the characters on Midnight, Texas, then you might find that those kinds of situations are exactly what are primed to pop up on the show.

First of all, you have a witch that owns a local Wiccan shop in Midnight, Texas. Of course, that is the start of a potentially sexually charged situation. Then you have a local pawn shop owner, an assassin that carries many more secrets than just her victims, a world wise vampire with a long history in the area, an angel who has been around in excess of a thousand years, and has his own stories about Midnight, Texas, a preacher who has an unhealthy obsession with the full moon, and most interesting of all, a writer with big dreams.

Although fans of True Blood will not likely see Bill Compton bouncing into Midnight, Texas, (probably because he is dead), there is the minor possibility that you may get some holdovers from the HBO show that may make an appearance. Of course, that is only in theory, or rumor, but fans can dream.

[Featured Image by NBC]