WWE News: Here's The One Thing That Saved Paige's WWE Career After Nude Leaks

There is only one thing saving Paige from being fired by WWE after the online hacking scandal leaked nude photos and videos of her over the weekend has been revealed. Wrestlemania 33 is less than two weeks away, but the only thing the WWE Universe was thinking about this weekend was the scandal involving Paige and how it would impact her future with the company. Many people thought she would be released by WWE.

However, it's been reported that WWE "firing" Paige would be a bad idea. A lot of people have been arguing that WWE officials shouldn't release her as a result of the scandal, but the fact is that Paige did not actually do anything wrong and the content was "hacked," which isn't her fault. WWE Superstars have private lives just like everyone else, but it's a situation like this that shows being a celebrity can be a blessing and a curse.

The fact is that even if WWE officials wanted to release Paige, doing so based on the scandal would make the company look bad. It's no secret that she has been in some trouble over the past year. She has not been seen on WWE programming since June, but a lot of people thought that the leak would be the final straw to force WWE to wish her the best in her future endeavors. Apparently, there's one thing that saved her job with WWE.

Paige Has Nudes Leaked This Weekend
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According to a new report, WWE is involved with the production of The Rock's new movie on Paige and her family. The film is based off a British documentary called "The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family," which features Paige's journey to WWE. Last month, some scenes were shot in Los Angeles after Raw. Since WWE is involved in the movie, it wouldn't make sense for the company to release Paige without a stronger reason.

It's unclear if The Rock has personally gone to WWE officials to save her job since the movie wouldn't have the same impact if Paige is fired. It's plausible that it's happened, but it's not confirmed. Since The Rock is developing a film about Paige and her family and she was the victim of a hacking scandal, WWE can't and won't take any serious action despite all the trouble she's brought to WWE over the past several months.

It seems unlikely that WWE officials would bring back Paige for tonight's edition of Raw in Brooklyn. The WWE Universe has been supportive of her since the leaks first happened, but it's been reported that Paige won't be medically cleared to return to the ring until late-April or May. With Wrestlemania only two weeks away, WWE officials most likely want to focus on that show rather than draw more attention to the scandal.

Paige Hasnt Been Fired From WWE For One Specific Reason
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It's been rumored that The New Day may be kept off WWE television this week because Raw is taking place in Brooklyn, which is a notoriously smart crowd. Xavier Woods was a part of the scandal, but he isn't facing the same kind of backlash. WWE officials are likely just going to let the scandal blow over, and people should have forgotten about it after the grandest stage of them all. However, it'll come up again when Paige returns.

Whenever she returns to WWE programming, Paige will need to perform in front of an arena full of over 10,000 men and women who have seen the images or at least know about them. WWE has dealt with this problem before, but not to this scale. For many years, WWE officials had no problem allowing their women to be featured in Playboy. However, this is a different time, and the perception has changed about Paige.

The important thing to take away from this now is the scandal will blow over, and unless something massive changes backstage, WWE officials are not planning to release Paige from her contract with the company as a result of the situation from this weekend. Paige hasn't been on WWE television for over eight months, and she's still one of the most talked about wrestlers. She just needs to keep the drama in the ring for awhile.

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