‘Scream’ MTV Series Will Reboot In Season 3, New Everything

Scream Season 3 will not be a sequel to the MTV show after all, according to new reports coming out of the production office and MTV studios. This should not come as a surprise to fans of Scream who might have loved the show, but didn’t benefit from any ratings success. But the good thing is that the show has not been canceled yet.

If there is one thing that Scream on MTV has been about from the very beginning, it’s that the show was already a reboot of an infamous horror franchise started by Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven way back in 1996. The Scream franchise has been a box office smash and producers for the MTV show were really looking to cash in on the dedicated fan base that already loved the movie franchise.

But there was really one thing that producers for Scream did not seem to take into consideration and that is the generation gap. Scream was famous for reasons specific to an era when Generation X youth, which was the last of that generation, who were disenfranchised by the horror genre and loved seeing their own immortal youth popularized by death and mayhem, in a cool way of course.

One good indicator that the modernization of the Scream franchise was not hip to the new era should have been the fourth movie in the franchise. While the first three films pulled in nearly $100 million apiece at the box office, they came out during the waning days of the Gen X movement.

So when Scream 4 came out in 2011, it cost $40 million to make and only pulled in $38 million in the U.S., according to Box Office Mojo. That was 11 years after Scream 3 came out in theaters and grossed $89 million. So there was an obvious generation gap and the millennial crowds just weren’t that into it.

Fast forward to 2015 with Scream the MTV series and there is an even bigger recipe for disaster, unless it were to have been a period piece that was set in 1996. Not that Scream did not try to go back to the period because it showed that it had all started 20 years before, back when the original Scream would have debuted in theaters.

So now that the ratings have been a real uphill battle for Scream, MTV and producers for the show are looking to overhaul it and make it something that is more authentic to the source material, as reported by Deadline. That means taking a rebooted TV series like Scream and rebooting it again to see if there is any blood left in the turnip.

Reports of the Scream reboot on MTV stem from news that major cast members like Willa Fitzgerald have been given the green light to start taking other acting gigs, indicating that they will not be featured on Season 3 of Scream. Instead, Scream will either reboot from the beginning or it will take place in a new setting with new characters that echo the theme of series, but not the original key players for the show.

When it comes to reboots in a horror franchise, it is kind of a tricky situation. Horror fans have been largely agitated when such things happen because it seems to ruin or tarnish the image of an original horror film. But when it comes to a reboot of a reboot for an iconic horror movie like Scream, it could spell trouble for the TV show if they were to lose their core demographic. That is assuming that they have the horror demographic to start with, given that Scream seemed to be developed specifically for modern young people.

[Featured Image by MTV]