Sofia Vergara Has Success In Embryo Case, While Nick Loeb Makes Powerful Friends

While the star of Modern Family, Sofia Vergara is having triumphs in court with her embryo case, and ex-boyfriend Nick Loeb has perhaps decided to take another path, cozying up to key members of the Trump administration who aggressively promote a pro-life agenda. Loeb reportedly jumped on the Trump bandwagon in November and was photographed over the weekend at Donald Trump's Mar-a-lago resort, being photographed with Vice President Mike Pence.

But Modern Family's Sofia Vergara seems to have a number of different tricks up her sleeve to thwart Nick Loeb's attempts to implant the fertilized embryos in a surrogate, says the Inquisitr. Vergara, through her legal team, says that Nick Loeb might now be taking a pro-life stand, there was a time that he not only supported abortion but approved of two of his former girlfriends ending their pregnancies with his babies. Vergara submitted legal papers demanding the names of Loeb's exes who had abortions, allegedly at his behest, but in response, Loeb has said that he would rather go to jail for contempt of court rather than give the names. Vergara's lawyers want to question the women under oath about conversations with Loeb at the time of the abortions, in theory, to prove his support of terminating pregnancies.

Recently, Vergara, the Modern Family star, had another legal success when the embryo case versus Nick Loeb was tossed out of state court in Louisiana, and will now sit in federal court in Louisiana, where it has a better chance of being tossed out. Even though Sofia Vergara lives in California, where the embryos are housed, Loeb is said to have filed in Louisiana as a result of forum shopping (Louisiana is thought to be a state that does not support a woman's right to choose), according to Vergara's lawyers.
"Clearly, purported plaintiffs filed this suit in Louisiana in an obvious attempt to 'forum shop' for a venue with a state law that Mr. Loeb believes is favorable to his position."
Nick Loeb has also set up a trust in the state of Louisiana and appointed the embryos, named Emma and Isabella, as beneficiaries. Conversely, Loeb now says that the embryos should be implanted in a surrogate and brought to term in order to benefit from said trust. But Modern Family's Sofia Vergara says she knew nothing about any trust, and that it is just another tactic to build up a weak argument.

"Mr. Loeb obviously set up this trust... for the sole purpose of fabricating a scenario whereby alleged third parties could bring suit against Ms. Vergara in Louisiana — which, by no coincidence, is the only state that purportedly provides special rights to embryos."

But while the star of Modern Family, Sofia Vergara, seems to have the support of the courts (for the record, Sofia Vergara supported Hillary Clinton in the election and went public wearing an "I Voted" sticker, saying that she and her husband, Joe Mangianello, voted for Clinton), Nick Loeb is getting in tight with the Trump administration, particularly with pro-life supporters Dr. Ben Carson and Vice President Mike Pence. Just this weekend, Loeb was down at the Trump Florida residence, Mar-a-lago, taking a photo op with Pence, says the Palm Beach Post.

Earlier in the evening, before Nick Loeb snapped the selfie, Pence spoke at The Breakers Club to the Club For Growth, a group that advocates free trade and limited government. Pence then returned to Mar-a-lago to have dessert with Donald Trump, the first lady, and their dinner guests, Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter, Laura Perlmutter, and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. There is no word whether or not Nick Loeb was there as a guest of Mike Pence or Donald Trump.


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Nick Loeb, who has long been a Republican, ran unsuccessfully for office in Delray Beach, Florida, back in 2005. In 2009, Loeb then ran for a seat in the Florida Senate but exited that race before the election. Ironically, the venue, The Breakers, where Mike Pence spoke, was the location where Sofia Vergara married husband Joe Mangianello in 2015, a year after breaking things off with Nick Loeb, Sofia Vergara's ex.

Back in January, Nick Loeb also took a photo op while attending the Trump Cabinet Dinner with Dr. Ben Carson and his wife in Washington, DC. During the presidential election, Nick Loeb had previously backed Chris Christie, and he had served as an honorary chairman on the Christie campaign.

But after joining the Trump transition fundraising team in November, Sofia Vergara's ex sent out invitations the next month to help host a fundraising breakfast attended by Donald Trump, where tickets were $5,000 a piece.

Legal experts are saying that the star of Modern Family, Sofia Vergara, will most likely prevail in a case that would have been over long ago if the parties did not have the funds to continue filing lawsuit after lawsuit. Ultimately, Sofia Vergara wants the embryos destroyed, as she has no interest in having children with Nick Loeb, as she is now married to actor Joe Mangianello.

Which side are you on in the case of the star of Modern Family, Sofia Vergara or Nick Loeb? Do you think Loeb is hoping to get powerful support from Trump administration powers Vice President Mike Pence and Dr. Ben Carson?

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