Kim Kardashian Divorce? Kim And Kanye Reportedly Splitting After Explosive Fight

Kim Kardashian Divorce? Kim And Kanye Reportedly Splitting After Explosive Fight

Kim Kardashian is reportedly headed for divorce, with a new report claiming that she and Kanye West had an explosive fight that led to Kim walking out on her husband.

There have been reports dating back several months that there is trouble brewing between Kim and Kanye, and those reports have intensified more recently after Kim’s robbery in Paris and Kanye’s hospitalization. That stress may have led to the couple’s breaking point, with a new report claiming that Kim Kardashian is gone from the family home and leaning toward divorce.

The report comes from an outlet called Naughty Gossip, which claimed that Kim and Kanye had a particularly explosive fight this week that led to the abrupt split.

The report, published this week, even cites a source allegedly close to the couple.

“It is over. Kim and Kanye had a monster fight a few nights ago and they have NOT spoken since. She is living with her mom with the kids and he is in a hotel,” a source reportedly told the outlet. “They fight all the time but this is different. This is the end. She is growing to hate him and thinks he is a different man than the one she married. She knows he needs help and doesn’t want to leave him while he is down, but Kim cannot stand it anymore. She wants this nightmare to be over.”

If Kim Kardashian is really thinking about divorce, there could be other factors at play. As AllHipHop reported, Kim’s mother may have intentions to keep the couple together so they can keep their reality television empire intact.

“Kim’s momager, Kris Jenner has allegedly told Kim not to make any crazy sudden decisions right now,” the report noted. “It sounds like Jenner may be more concerned with ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ than her daughter’s marriage.”

This is not the first time in recent weeks that reports have claimed Kim Kardashian is headed for divorce. Late last year, reports claimed that Kim was having an affair with Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King, though sources close to the couple shot down that claim.

This report came from a sports gossip site called Terez Owens, a sister site to Perez Hilton. Many sites reported on the rumor, but ended up retracting the report when it was proven false, including Terez Owens and Oak247 Sports.

“We are retracting a story we posted Saturday in which we reported a rumor published by popular sports blogger Terez Owens that Kim Kardashian West was involved in an extramarital affair with Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King,” the report noted. “Owens has retracted his article stating, ‘There is no truth whatsoever’ to the rumor. We are also informed by Ms. Kardashian West’s representatives that the rumor is ‘false’ and ‘completely fabricated.’ We apologize for our decision to repeat the rumor contained in the Owens article, which we now know to be false.”

So with a history of false and apparently fabricated stories about the marriage, stories claiming that Kim Kardashian is headed toward divorce come with a giant grain of salt. The latest report comes from a site on the fringes of the internet, and there appear to be no other sites or sources backing up the claims.

And if Kim Kardashian is headed for a divorce, she’s doing her best to keep all of it under wraps. The reality television star has not spoken about any troubles in the marriage and has made appearances with her husband, with the two looking the part of a happy couple.

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