Kat Graham’s Illness Wasn’t Because Of Pot Brownies, She Claims Food Poisoning

Kat Graham made waves this weekend when a story surfaced that she had to make a trip to the emergency room after ingesting pot brownies and having a bad reaction. The Vampire Diaries actress responded to the report through her rep, according to People, to set the record straight and let fans know that the culprit wasn’t pot brownies. Instead, she blamed her sudden illness and collapse on food poisoning

The incident happened last month while Kat Graham was staying at the Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, California. She was reportedly spotted outside of a restaurant in the area as paramedics treated her and then loaded her into an ambulance.

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As usual, TMZ was first to report on Kat Graham’s alleged pot brownie overdose, claiming that the actress started throwing up before she passed out on the lawn of the restaurant where she was eating. The report also claimed that sources told them that Kat’s illness wasn’t food or drink related and that she was suffering from the effects of eating too much marijuana. They claim the resort reported that Kat was “extremely paranoid, anxious and seeing things.”

Kat Graham’s rep already reached out to clear things up and says that the initial report that the TVD actress had overdosed after eating a cannabis-laced brownie was “100% not true.” They went on to claim exactly the opposite from the initial report, stating that Kat’s illness was, in fact, food poisoning. Apparently, she had eaten something from a restaurant outside of the resort earlier and was experiencing a violent reaction to food poisoning.

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It was reported that Kat Graham was inside the resort’s Essence restaurant when she suddenly ran outside, saying she didn’t feel well and that she needed to go to the hospital. Kat first threw up outside before passing out. When she woke back up again, she was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

A recording of the 911 call was obtained by TMZ and describes Kat Graham as being “unconscious” after eating at the resort’s Essence restaurant. During the call, the staff member who made the call can be heard talking with another employee who reported that Kat had regained consciousness and was sipping on water. During the call for emergency services, the caller never identified the person in need as being Kat Graham.

Kat’s rep also made it clear that the Vampire Diaries actress is “not a drug user, and has never been a drug user.” Considering how quickly her rep responded to reports that Kat Graham had ingested a pot brownie, they seem to feel that it’s important to let the public know that wasn’t the case.

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Pot brownies and other marijuana-laced edibles have been growing in popularity, especially among states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. California is on of the most recent states to vote for legalization and because of that, has seen a surge in interest for marijuana related products such as the one that Kat was accused of eating. Even if she had decided to enjoy a pot brownie during her outing, it’s really not that big of a deal. It’s just worth noting that those cannabis-laced edibles can be very strong. Often a treat like a brownie or a cookie can contain more than one serving and should definitely be treated with care.

With conflicting reports as to whether Kat Graham’s recent medical emergency was due to food poisoning or a pot brownie, some fans are questioning which is true. Either way, the whole scary incident happened last month and Kat Graham is going to be just fine.

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