Meek Mill: Kylie Jenner Crush Caused Nicki Minaj Split Amid Tyga Breakup Rumor?

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Is Meek Mill hooking up with Kylie Jenner?

According to several reports, the “It’s Me” rapper has found himself communicating with Kylie through her Instagram direct messages — also known as DMs — and things are said to be heating up between the duo, Life & Style alleges.

Hollywood Life adds that Meek Mill started it all by liking dozens of Kylie’s photos. Even when the 29-year-old was still seeing his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, it was very notable that Mill had a thing for Kylie considering an extensive number of pictures he would like of the 19-year-old.

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Now that Meek Mill has ended things with Minaj and hears that Kylie is going through her own relationship drama with on-again, off-again beau Tyga, the Maybach Music-signed artist allegedly thinks it’s the perfect time for him to make his move in getting with Jenner.

A source tells Hollywood Life that the TV personality has embraced Meek Mill with the conversations that they’ve had thus far.

In fact, Kylie is even alleged to have given Meek Mill her phone number, indicating that she is willing to entertain the rapper’s flirtatious behavior, especially now that she’s supposedly on the verge of splitting with Tyga.

“Meek Mill is totally crushing on Kylie. He’s always thought she was super hot; in fact, it was a source of contention between him and Nicki,” an insider tells the outlet. “Nicki would get all jealous and say, ‘She doesn’t want yo old a**!’ But now that Meek is single, he’s going after her hard. She’s just his type: tiny waist and Kardashian booty.”

Last week, sources claimed that things weren’t looking too good for Kylie and Tyga. Jenner became tired of having to finance her boyfriend’s lavish lifestyle, one insider alleged, so to finally be dating a man who stands on the same level as her, as far as money is concerned, is definitely an upside for Jenner.

Meek Mill has been pursuing Kylie for months, it’s been said, and now that it’s seemingly looking like the 19-year-old is planning to split with her boyfriend of two years, Meek Mill is convinced that he has a chance to get with Jenner, having already engaged in conversations with her in recent weeks.

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News of Meek Mill’s love for Kylie comes just weeks after the rapper famously sided with Remy Ma over her public rap feud with Nicki Minaj. Remy unveiled her song “Shether,” in February, which has since been named one of the best diss tracks of all time.

“Shether” takes direct digs at Nicki, as Remy ridicules her rap rival for advocating plastic surgery to young fans while supporting her brother Jelani, whose currently on trial for allegedly raping a minor on multiple occasions.

Reports claim that Meek Mill is a big fan of “Shether,” having liked the song’s album artwork and memes on his Instagram page. By the look of things, it’s evidently clear that his relationship with Nicki Minaj ended on a sour note, with no possible chance of the duo ever being able to be cordial with one another again.

Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner has yet to address claims that she’s on the verge of splitting with Tyga, but the lack of public appearances with her beau has strongly indicated to the supposed fact that there’s trouble in paradise, another source notes.

She hasn’t ended the romance just yet, but with Meek Mill openly wanting to form a relationship with Kylie, Jenner may very well be considering her options at this given point.

What do you make of Meek Mill and Kylie Jenner potentially getting together? Do you think they’d make a great couple?

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