Tony Romo Trade Rumors: Cowboys’ Owner Trying To Trade With Broncos Over Texans?

While the Tony Romo trade or release rumors continue to fly each week, the latest speculation is that the Dallas Cowboys are keeping Romo on the roster for competitive reasons. With the 2016-17 NFL season several months away, the Cowboys already are preparing for their next run towards the playoffs and Super Bowl behind their talented young stars on offense. Dak Prescott has taken over the quarterback spot while running back Ezekiel Elliott has shown he can be one of the best in the NFL. That leaves Tony Romo in limbo as the team is trying to figure out whether to cut ties with him or if they can gain some value for the longtime QB.

While Romo basically roamed the sidelines for the Cowboys due to injury throughout the last season, he is still considered a valuable commodity for teams that need a good starting quarterback. Two teams emerged as frontrunners to possibly acquire Tony Romo as their QB, but it’s possible that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is trying to make sure his longtime star will go to one of those teams over the other.

Cowboys Jerry Jones holding Romo for trade with Broncos

The two teams that still seem interested in Romo are the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans. In a recent NBC Sports Pro Football Talk report, Mike Florio speculates that Jones may be trying to keep Romo from being a part of the Houston Texans. The idea behind this is purely one of a competitive standpoint, as the Texans could really flourish with Romo at the helm, should he bounce back from last year’s injury setback. Of the two teams, Houston is the ideal situation for Romo based on what they have to offer in terms of their offense, defense, and coach, as well as location.

It’s possible that next year the Cowboys’ talented young stars will hit that proverbial “sophomore slump” and not proceed results similar to those of their rookie seasons. It would be a disappointment for Dallas. Florio also says that if Romo were to help the Texans succeed it might cause Cowboys fans to root for the former Dallas quarterback who is still playing in the same state. It would also be “bad for business” as the team would take away from Jones’ attempts to draw more fans to his team.

As Florio mentions, a deal may be on the way soon, but with John Elway’s Denver Broncos.

“I’ve believed for the last week that Jones hopes an offer will be made to him at the upcoming league meetings in Arizona. The truth could be that Jones plans in Phoenix to make a team like the Broncos a low-ball, face-saving offer that gets the Cowboys some marginal value for Romo — and that ensures he’ll never play for the Houston Texans.”

Whether or not this is the case with Tony Romo and Jerry Jones is purely speculation at this point, but it would be a media spectacle if Jones told Romo to stay away from the Texans. However, they have seemingly cleared the way for Romo to be a part of their roster by sending last season’s starting quarterback, Brock Osweiler, away to the Cleveland Browns.

There have also been ongoing reports that Romo prefers Denver and likes John Elway, so things may play out in Jones’ favor without a trade. Still, the sports business owner would surely love something in exchange for his veteran star after all this commotion.

Tony Romo new Denver Broncos QB

Although some writers and fans think a Romo move is coming very soon, the Mile High Report‘s Julie Dixon speculates that Jones could hold onto Romo until June 1st, as a smart business move.

“…with so many team with unsure QB situations, teams may come calling when they realize the drafted guy or newly signed journeyman isn’t working out. Or, in the case of Houston and Denver, their first year hoped for starters in Lynch and Savage, haven’t made enough of a jump.”

“Now Jones is in the driver’s seat. He may get a trade. He’s still going to take a hit, but it won’t be as bad. If he times it right, he can spread any difference over two years. That’s millions of good reason to wait.”

The NFL will hold their annual league meeting next week from March 26 through March 29. Will a Tony Romo trade finally surface as of this time, or will Dallas Cowboys and the fans of the Texans and Broncos still be waiting until early June?

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