‘Jerseylicious’ Star Mike Aktari Dead At 28, Remembered By Ex-Girlfriend

Former Jerseylicious star Mike Aktari has died at the age of 28.

According to TMZ, Mike was found dead in his hometown of Westbury on Long Island Monday morning. Although Aktari’s official cause of death is pending toxicology reports, the town’s law enforcement do not believe any foul play was involved at this time.

About Mike Aktari

Mike, a personal trainer, was known for appearing on the Style Network’s Jerseylicious from 2010-12, during seasons two through four. While on the show, Aktari dated Olivia Blois Sharpe, a 29-year-old makeup artist who previously worked at the Anthony Robert Salon, The Gatsby Salon and The Glam Fairy. Mike also dated Tracy DiMarco-Epstein, who also worked at The Gatsby Salon and the Glam Fairy, and now works at Anthony Robert Salon. Tracy is now married to Corey Epstein, and the two have one child together, Skylar James. The drama between Olivia and Tracy was a main topic on the show until it ended when the Style Network was discontinued in 2013 (it is now known as Esquire Network).

Remembering Mike

Although Mike and Olivia were not dating at the time of his death, the news was especially hard on her, and she took to Instagram to mourn her ex.

“My heart has never hurt this hard,” Blois Sharpe captioned a photo montage of her and Mike.

“I wouldn’t trade those three years we spent together for the world. You showed me never ending love and loyalty. You accepted me as my crazy goofy self and loved it. You looked at me the way no one ever has. You had the most wonderful heart. I wish I made more of an attempt to get together to catch up when you asked. I’ll always love you Milad.”

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Olivia then shared another photo, one she described as her favorite, and captioned it by saying, “One of my favorite photos of Mike and I❤️…..Our time here is so valuable and limited. If there is someone who has a part of your heart, no matter what has transpired in the past, no matter what the situation might be..LET THEM KNOW how much they mean to you. Milad takes a piece of my heart with him.”

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Other Jerseylicious news

In August 2012, Blois Sharpe was in the news over a sex tape that was reportedly making the rounds. The tape reportedly featured intimate moments between Olivia and another Jerseylicious cast member Lorenzo Gangala. According to the New York Daily News, the sex tape was made before the show started in 2009 and was being sought after by Vivid Entertainment, a pornographic film production company. Vivid was responsible for the release of the 1998 Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape, “Pam & Tommy Lee Hardcore & Uncensored,” and Kim Kardashian ‘s sex tape with Ray J, “Kim Kardashian, Superstar,” from 2007.

“It’s one of the steamiest sex tapes I have ever seen,” a source said at the time.

Olivia was reportedly upset that the tape was even being considered for sale and refused to sign an agreement allowing the production company to make the purchase.

“Olivia is freaking out and refusing to sign a release,” the source added. “Olivia does not want this out.”

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