‘The Walking Dead’ Recap – Season 7 Episode 14 ‘The Other Side’ – Sasha Attacks!

The Walking Dead recap of Season 7 Episode 14 The Other Side will see Hilltop readying to take on the Saviors while two women plan to take action to prevent war and save lives knowing they will lose theirs. The Saviors go roaming on tonight’s episode and taking what another community needs. The Walking Dead also reveals some major confessions and insights into characters.

Hilltop Readies For War

The Walking Dead begins with Maggie (Lauren Cohan) overseeing knife training with Hilltop personnel and Enid. Later, Maggie has Enid (Katelyn Nacon) with her and they get a sonogram of the baby and hear a strong heartbeat. They smile. Later, Maggie writes up a roster of supplies and plans for the coming war while Enid fixes her food.

As the first few minutes of The Walking Dead progress with no dialog, Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) sharpens her knife and also does a skills class with the Hilltop people. They are making ready for war. Sasha is clearly hoping her actions to assassinate Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will prevent the war. Sasha visits Abraham’s grave (Michael Cudlitz) and adds some rocks to his grave.

Also on The Walking Dead, Sasha gets a detailed diagram of Sanctuary thanks to Jesus (Tom Payne) and works on her plan to get around the walkers. Maggie approaches Daryl (Norman Reedus) and offers food and a bit of comfort. He stares at the happy home Maggie has set up but doesn’t join them.

Gregory Chafes At The Changes

On The Walking Dead, Gregory (Xander Berkeley) isn’t happy that Maggie and Jesus are making war plans and are taking over his community. He glares at the training classes while upset that he’s out of his favorite Scotch. Rosita (Christian Serratos) finds Sasha at Abraham’s grave and says she came for help.

It’s a casual mention but a big The Walking Dead moment when Jesus says to Maggie that he never felt like he belonged and spent time in a group home. He says even with “boyfriends” he never got that close. He says bringing her and Sasha into the fold helped him get closer to the people at Hilltop. Yep Jesus just came out and Maggie gave him a smile.

Maggie tells Jesus they need riot gear and wonders if they can trade the Kingdom for body armor. Sasha looks at bullets hidden in a book. Jesus hid them there and he tells her she can have them but begs her not to go to Sanctuary yet. He realizes she and Rosita plan to attack Negan very soon on The Walking Dead.

Sasha Says Her Goodbyes

Then on The Walking Dead, Enid and Jesus offer to go with them but Sasha says no, Maggie needs you. Jesus encourages Sasha to talk to Maggie before she leaves to kill Negan. Sasha asks Enid to take care of Maggie and hands her a trinket for the baby.

Enid tells Sasha she’ll tell Maggie in 10 minutes about the plot to assassinate Negan and walks out. Then there’s an alert that the Saviors are coming. It’s a scary moment on The Walking Dead as Enid grabs Daryl and goes to get Maggie. Sasha and Rosita go out a secret tunnel under a woodpile.

Maggie panics as they hear the cars and motorcycle roar up. Enid loads Daryl and Maggie into a cellar and tells them to stay put. Simon (Steve Ogg) approaches Gregory who offers him some gin. Simon tells him Negan wants someone and Gregory asks who he wants. Daryl peeks out of the cellar on The Walking Dead but Maggie calls him back.

Sasha And Rosita Plan Their Attack

The Walking Dead spoilers from ComicBook.com reveal someone will be taken from Hilltop. Sasha and Rosita are out of Hilltop looking for a vehicle and struggling to find one that works. Sasha asks about her past in the Army and Rosita cuts her off unless she wants to talk about the mission.

Sasha says maybe they can make it out alive if they shoot from a distance. Rosita disagrees and says up close is the only way to go. It’s a bit of a girl spat on The Walking Dead. Sasha says if they fail but are outside, they can have another chance. Walkers come at them and the ladies deal death rapidly.

Rosita tells Sasha to bail if she wants and they bicker some more. The Walking Dead never expected to see Abraham’s ladies in this situation. Enid runs up to a Savior and offers him vegetables to try and keep him away from the cellar. The Savior is rude to her and then demands her knife. He opens the cellar where Daryl and Maggie are hiding.

Doctor Dilemma

Then on The Walking Dead, Simon tells Dr. Carson (R Keith Harris) he’s moving to Sanctuary. Simon lets him know his brother is dead. Dr. Carson wonders if his brother “pissed off somebody” and that’s how he died. Simon says something like that and it was ugly then offers condolences.

Turns out Dr. Carson at Hilltop is brother to Negan’s doctor that he threw in the oven. Simon shows up on Negan’s orders to take Hilltop’s doctor since now he needs one having oven baked his physician. The Walking Dead shows Dr. Carson telling Gregory to get care for his patients and Simon won’t let him pack.

Simon then offers Gregory a crate of aspirin as a replacement for taking their doctor. The Walking Dead shows Gregory asks for a word with Simon. Gregory hints that forces may try to take over leadership at Hilltop that won’t cooperate with the Saviors. The Walking Dead shows Simon gives him a map to Sanctuary and says come see me if you have trouble.

Gregory Feels The Disappointment

Maggie and Daryl are not discovered by the Savior who finally leaves the cellar after looking around. The Walking Dead shows a pivotal moment when Daryl cries and tells Maggie sorry and says Glenn’s (Steven Yeun) death was his fault but she refuses to let him shoulder the blame and comforts him.

Maggie says we have to win and hugs him. It’s a sweet The Walking Dead moment. She asks Daryl to help her win. Gregory watches the Saviors take his doctor and can feel the other Hilltop people looking at him with disappointment as they roll out.

Sasha and Rosita set a car on fire to draw walkers on The Walking Dead then climb a fence and steal a car while also fighting walkers. Rosita hotwires one and Sasha jumps in. They peel out and head to Sanctuary intent on killing Negan.

Recon At Sanctuary

Next on The Walking Dead, Sasha and Rosita lurk in a nearby building watching Sanctuary. Sasha tells Rosita she saw Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and it looked like he was bossing people around. Sasha asks Rosita to show her how to tie knots. She grudgingly agrees.

Rosita demonstrates some knots then goes to look out the window and also sees Eugene giving orders. The Walking Dead has Rosita opening up about how she learned all her skills from a roster of men she slept with and says everyone should get their rocks off since the world was over.

Sasha asks her about Abraham and Rosita says he was different and then says she was shocked when Abraham was all good when they got to Alexandria but she couldn’t feel it. The Walking Dead also has Rosita telling Sasha she did hate her but now she doesn’t. She says she never talked about her past before. Sasha thanks her.

Shock At Eugene’s Role Reveal

Rosita says she regrets not telling Abraham she was happy that he was happy and says it wasn’t his time. Sasha says he would have gone out fighting but the a-hole with the bat cheated him of it. This is a big sharing moment on The Walking Dead. Wonder what Abraham would think?

Sasha and Rosita pledge to have each other’s back. They hear noise and Sasha looks. Sasha curses and says the Saviors took Dr. Carson. They see Negan come out of a building and walk over to greet Dr. Carson. He’s too close to the doc for Sasha to get a clean shot on The Walking Dead.

They have the Savior radio on them and the ladies hear Eugene making orders for more walkers to be delivered to him and calls himself Dr. Eugene Porter, Chief Engineer. Eugene also says “I am Negan, he’s who I am.” This upsets the two ladies on The Walking Dead and they decide they need to go in.

Hilltop Hijinks

Gregory makes a casual threat that Jesus should watch out because there could be more Saviors around. Jesus isn’t having it. Gregory tells him they’re not friends and kicks Jesus out of his office as he pours some tequila. Daryl asks Jesus where Sasha and Rosita have gone on The Walking Dead.

Eugene brings a guy outside and talks to him about safety at the Sanctuary. The guy is shot dead and The Walking Dead sees Eugene cower as Sasha and Rosita tell him they’re breaking him out. He says he won’t go with them and says he never asked them to come. He runs back inside.

Sasha cuts through the fence and then locks Rosita out. She tells Rosita it’s not her time and says the others need her. The Walking Dead sees Sasha running into one of the buildings at the compound. Gunfire breaks out but we don’t see what happens.

The last thing shown on The Walking Dead is Rosita running away crying and cursing. She sees a shadowy figure approaching with a crossbow but that could be Dwight or Daryl. That’s where The Walking Dead ends for tonight.

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