Nick And Vanessa Lachey Finally Share Photos Of Their Newborn Son

Nick and Vanessa Lachey welcomed their third child on December 24 and have finally posted photos of the baby boy.

Vanessa first shared a black and white video of baby Phoenix in celebration of Valentine's Day. The mom of three is seen kissing and cuddling her baby as he gives the camera a smile. Lachey followed the video post with a photo of Phoenix a week later in honor of his 2-month "birthday."

The baby is seen lying on a blanket featuring feathers as a gesture to his namesake— the mythical Phoenix bird.

Of course, Nick and Vanessa's followers enjoyed seeing the rare glimpse at their new little one as they liked and commented on the post. Some Instagram users called baby Lachey "adorable" while others stated he looks like Vanessa.
"This is so adorable."

"Looks like his mama."

The Daily Mail reported on the first photo of baby Phoenix as fans eagerly awaited the chance to see the newest Lachey family member.
"Three has always been their magic number. Nick and Vanessa Lachey celebrated the two-month mark of bringing their youngest child into the world with identical photos posted to social media on Friday (February 24.)"
The couple is also parents to 4-year-old son Camden and 2-year-old daughter Brooklyn. The article went on to describe little Phoenix's debut as his parents celebrated the two-month mark.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey share photos of new baby son, Phoenix
Vanessa and Nick with son Camden at Disneyland. [Image by Handout/Getty Images]

"Baby boy Phoenix Robert was stretched out on a blanket next to blocks enumerating his age, posed perfectly between a print of what looked like wings."
Nick also posted the photo to his Instagram account with the caption "2 months and counting..." Once again, Lachey fans rained down compliments on the family as they adored seeing photos of the newborn.
"All of your kiddos are beautiful!"
Fans also discussed the fact baby Phoenix was born early as his due date wasn't until Spring 2017. Some commenters mentioned how good baby Lachey looks for having been born so premature.
"...when they announced he was due they said spring 2017.... so I thought was was born extremely early which would mean he would still be in the hospital hooked up to many machines."

"...he may be doing VERY well, which is what I hope."

Fans aren't sure when the exact due date was, but assume Phoenix was born two or three months early. However, it seems the baby is doing fine as his parents start to share photos. Nick posted another update this week as he stated March Madness is a bit different this year.

The former boy band singer is seen cuddling Phoenix as he lounges in casual attire and drinks what appears to be wine. While he's obviously on daddy duty, Nick stated he's happy with the changes this year.

"Happy to say #MarchMadness looks a little different this year for me."
Daily Mail quoted a past interview in which Nick states he and Vanessa always knew they wanted three kids and are now enjoying being a family of five.
"'[My wife Vanessa] and I always, in the back of our minds, wanted three kids,' Nick told People in January. 'So here we are at three, and it's awesome.'"
Lachey went on to joke that just because he and Vanessa wanted three kids, doesn't necessarily mean they're done having babies. Although the couple seems content with three little ones.
"Apparently there's a way to make babies and we're fairly good at it, so you never know. But I think right now, three feels like a very good number."
[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]