‘Pokemon GO’ PokeStop Tricks: Time-bound Special Items, Bypassing Speed Limit

Pokemon GO PokeStop-hoppers fount out about the glitch that lets you collect PokeStop items while in a car, and provided a hint about special items’ time-bound mechanics.

Pokemon GO has undergone so many patches and updates that there’s always a glitch or two to uncover and lose in every update. Because sometimes, in time-consuming games like Pokemon GO, you got to do what you got to do to speed up your progress—even if it means doubling down on a glitch or two.

Bypassing speed limit restrictions to collect PokeStop items

Game Rant reports that a Pokemon GO player at the Silph Road subreddit has found a way to bypass Pokemon GO‘s speed limit, which stops you from spinning PokeStops and collecting items when you’re in a fast-moving vehicle.

Pokemon GO fan and Reddit member CatFrogArts posted the following.

“I’ve recently discovered if you open up the journal and close it close enough to a Pokestop, no matter how fast you are travelling, you’ll be able to get the loot.”

Basically, you monitor your map as you’re aboard a moving vehicle. If the car is moving at its regular pace, normally, Pokemon GO won’t let you spin PokeStops for items. This speed limit restriction, among other Pokemon GO restrictions, has been implemented by Niantic to keep drivers from getting tempted to play Pokemon GO while driving.

But going back to the trick, to take advantage of the speed-bypassing glitch, as you see a PokeStop, open your journal by hitting the player avatar on the bottom left of the screen, selecting the button with the three horizontal lines, and then clicking Journal.

This is where it gets tricky. Before you drive past the PokeStop, close the Journal, quickly swipe the PokeStop’s Photo Disc, and you’ll get the items from that PokeStop.

What’s the trick behind this Pokemon GO glitch? Heavy explains that apparently, during the few seconds that the game loads when you open and close your Journal (your cue is when you see the white Pokeball spinning at the top of the screen), the game system is not able to clock in your speed like it normally does, allowing you to obtain the items from the PokeStop as you drive past it.

As another Reddit user notes, however, you should take advantage of this Pokemon GO trick as much as you can before the next update because since the glitch is already out in the open, Niantic is surely patching this up the next update.

Special items could be spawning at a fixed time

Pokemon GO’s new Evolutionary or Special items have been all the rave since the last Pokemon GO update and the search for these Special Items has been a hot topic of discussion at the Silph Road.

It looks like a sliver of hope appears for Pokemon GO fans as Slash Gear reports a game mechanic for the Special Items that was discovered by one Pokemon GO player at the Pokemon GO subreddit.

The original finding was that Special Items spawn at the same time of the day for a specific player. As an example, if you spin a PokeStop at 7:05 p.m. today and you get a Special Item, you will be able to get a Special Item if you spin a PokeStop at exactly the same time tomorrow.

The time will vary, of course, for each player, and Pokemon GO players at the Silph Road are already testing this hypothesis with varied results.

One player, in response to the test at the Silph Road, has reported she’s been getting an Evolutionary Item at exactly 10:23 in front of a Peck Hall every day for a week now. One player got three Evolutionary Items from the same stop. One player tried to spin a PokeStop at the exact time but in a different location, and failed.

If this exploit is true, then the report of that one guy who got seven Evolutionary Items at exactly 12:00 a.m. could also confirm that Pokemon GO’s RNG is not really too random that it’s unpredictable.

Have you yet to tire of Pokemon GO? Then go ahead and try these PokeStop tricks and let us know if they’re working for you.

[Featured Image by Stoyan Yotov/Shutterstock.com]