‘One Piece’ Manga 859: Big Mom’s Assassination Plot, Weakness Revealed By Capone

‘One Piece’ Chapter 856 Manga Spoilers – Sanji’s Confession And Luffy’s Action

Chapter 859 of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece has juicy details about one of the biggest assassination plots the series has ever witnessed. The Straw Hats Captain sets aside his better judgment to partner with Capone, and the intricacies of the plan is discussed inside the Fire Tank Pirates hideout, including a very shocking revelation about Yonko Big Mom.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 859 spoilers/recap ahead]

In the previous chapter of One Piece, Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats gang had congregated at the Fire Tank Pirates headquarters. Headed by the infamous criminal, Capone “Gang” Bege, the group has been tasked with securing the upcoming wedding of Lady Pudding and Sanji. However, unknown to Big Mom, those responsible for the security are planning to kill her. The current chapter truly gets into the finer nuances of the big plot of getting near the yonko with the least amount of collateral damage and taking her out before her ministers can react.

Chapter 859 of One Piece opens with Sanji openly wondering whether Big Mom can be truly hurt or killed. He fears she is like an impenetrable and large “Iron balloon” and it would be an exercise in futility trying to harm her. Incidentally, in the previous chapter, Capone had confirmed he had a plan all cooked up.

Capone notes that “assuming certain conditions are met,” he can take Big Mom’s head in five seconds. Incidentally, what Capone means is that he requires at least five seconds executing his plan. As expected, Jinbei cautions the timing of the dangerous plan. It was the wise sharkman who had previously pointed out that the ceremony will be packed with underworld crime bosses and their henchmen, thereby greatly increasing the danger and complexity.

Addressing Chopper’s surprise about the small amount of time, Capone’s son, Monster Gun, adds that creating even a small five-second window of opportunity is very difficult as Charlotte Linlin ministers would quickly react. Capone notes that should the ministers be alerted before Big Mom is killed, an all-out battle would break out. He adds that they wouldn’t have any chance of winning or even escaping alive in such a battle.

Capone reveals that Caesar Clown’s cooperation is critical for his plan to succeed. As expected, Caesar is furious for calling him by his true name. He demands that he be called Gastino, and adds that once Big Mom is killed, his heart be returned to him and that he be set free. Lady Chiffon attempts to silence Caesar. Ignoring the commotion, Capone continues with his narration, revealing that Caesar has invented the “Deadly Poison Gas Bullet, the KX Launcher.” Although a single bullet is enough, there are three in his arsenal. He explains that each bullet contains a cartridge filled with 5 grams of highly toxic Organophosphate poison.

Jinbei adds that the team has something that can kill Big Mom, but they need a way to hit her with the weapon. Capone cautiously notes that unfortunately, hitting Big Mom with the toxic bullet when she is hale and hearty would be futile as it won’t penetrate her tough skin. He adds that for the bullet to do its work, no one from Big Mom’s side should be able to move for five seconds, and the Yonko’s body must be sufficiently weakened. He surprises everyone by noting that these conditions can only be met at the upcoming tea party.

After a year with Big Mom, Capone is confident that there are very few things that can hurt her. He adds that there was a single occasion when he saw Big Mom suffer in agony. Referred to as the “Mother Caramel photo,” the Yonko is particularly vulnerable to the photo, notes Monster Gun. In fact, the photo of Mother Caramel can be considered as Big Mom’s only weakness. Capone adds that Mother Caramel is like Big Mom’s life saver, but little is known about her.

Although she isn’t confirmed dead, the woman ran away, and even close family members aren’t aware of her whereabouts, adds Chiffon. Lola’s twin sister explains that when someone accidentally handled Mother Caramel’s photo, Big Mom withered in pain. She had suffered a painful and violent fit. Apart from showing immense pain, Big Mom let out such a powerful, piercing sound, some workers collapsed, while all the others around her became immobile.

Since Capone now has the situation that meets the two conditions, Chopper wonders how they will protect themselves from the sound. Interestingly, the Fire Tank captain quickly takes out earplugs with a system called as “the invisible symphonia system.” These earplugs will protect the wearer from Big Mom’s screams.

Always the one to cause a ruckus, Luffy volunteers to split the Mother Caramel photo in two to set Capone’s plan in motion. Capone notices the cockiness in the Straw Hats captain and cautions that there would a three-second delay between the moment the photo is broken and Big Mom’s fit begins. Surviving these three seconds would be difficult because the Yonko’s guards would surround the enemy. Despite the warning, Capone notes that Luffy would be the ideal candidate. Although Nami and Chiffon vehemently object, Luffy gladly agrees.

The Big Mom’s assassination plot should be executed when Sanji and Lady Pudding go for their first kiss after their wedding, feels Capone. However, Sanji notes that Pudding will attempt to kill him, and hence the gunshot should be the signal to execute the plan. Capone agrees and adds that he will kill Big Mom, while Luffy and the gang will focus on the rescue. If all goes according to plan, it would all be over within 10 seconds, observes Capone.

Interestingly, Caesar Clown’s contribution goes beyond the toxic bullets. Possessing the ability to fly, Caesar has been tasked with bringing Brulee and a mirror. As soon as the plan is executed, everyone is expected to jump in the mirror and escape through Brulee’s Magic Mirror World. Capone adds that every group should have a mirror on their respective ships. In the earlier chapter, Jinbei had noted that alliance with Capone would be temporary. In the current chapter, Capone reiterates the same, noting that once the plan is executed and everyone is in the Mirror World, the alliance would automatically dissolve.

Observing that there are just two and a half hours until the wedding, Sanji notes that he ought to be in the groom’s chambers. Capone adds that he will now pretend they are setting up the security for the venue. Known for his flamboyance, Luffy claims he will make a funny entrance, but Capone advises against pulling off any antics.

While the assassination plot is being finalized, the villages on the Whole Cake Island are rejoicing. Meanwhile, the Vinsmoke Clan is getting ready for the ceremony. However, Big Mom appears very upset that her pet, Brook, isn’t moving. In the earlier chapters, those inside Brulee’s Mirror World had successfully replaced Brook with a decoy.

The mastermind of the plan, Lady Pudding, is seen getting ready in her chamber. It is amply clear that she bears a huge burden. Appeasing Big Mom by killing the entire Vinsmoke clan to gain control over the Germa 66 Army is no small feat, and the effects of all the careful plotting and planning is visible on the girl. Moreover, in order to maintain her “good and innocent girl” persona, Pudding will have to rewrite memories of many people.

Chapter 859 of manga One Piece ends with Lady Pudding contemplating the immense pressure and the performance that lies ahead. With the details of the assassination plot all figured out, only the execution remains. While the Fire Tank pirates and the Straw Hats pirates are busy in their preparations, so is the Big Mom clan. Who will emerge victorious? Hopefully, mangaka Eiichiro Oda reveals the answer to this question in the upcoming chapter of the series.

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