Is Katy Perry Gay? ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ Singer Slams Her Christian Upbringing

Katy Perry talked about gay encounter

Katy Perry has apparently “come out,” as she openly talked about being bi-curious. While she talked about her gay encounter, the “Chained To The Rhythm” singer also blamed her conservative Christian upbringing. She said she was taught to fear homosexuals.

Katy was honored with the National Equality Award at the 2017 HRC Los Angeles Gala on Saturday night. During her speech, she said a lot of things that opened up speculations about her sexuality. The reference goes back to her 2008 hit, “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It.” She said in her speech that she did more than just kissing a girl.

“Truth be told, I did more than that!”

Katy Perry said it was difficult for a gospel-singing girl like her to “reconcile,” as she was raised in “pro conversion” youth groups. She said she was totally aware that she was “curious,” as she knew sexuality was a complicated thing. When she released her gay encounter in the 2008 song, it was her attempt to start a conversation about the issue. Katy said a lot of people around the world did start talking about the issue because of the song.

Katy Perry slammed her Christian upbringing that taught her to fear gay people.

Born as Katheryn Hudson, Katy Perry had a Christian upbringing. Both her parents, Keith and Mary Hudson, are pastors. Later, she went on to become one of the most successful musicians of all time. She has sold more than 100 million records worldwide. She was the only female musician in history to have five No. 1 songs on one album.

Katy Perry talked about her growing days, when homosexuality was considered equal to “hell” and “abomination.” She also said that she “prayed the gay away at Jesus camps.” However, the “bubble” did not take a long time to burst. And then, she apparently “discovered” homosexuality around her. She said homosexuals stimulated her mind and filled her heart with joy. Unlike what she was taught, the “Chained To The Rhythm” singer found gay people to be “the most free, strong, kind, and inclusive people” she had ever met.

These people are actually, magic, and they are magic because they are living their truth.

Katy Perry seemed to have come a long way from being Katheryn Hudson. Not only is she talking about her gay encounters now, but she also supports Planned Parenthood, which is often accused of being anti-Christian. She said in her speech that, if people had open minds and soft hearts, the “real perception shift” could happen.

“I stand here as real evidence for all, that no matter where you came from, it is about where you are going,” she said.

Interestingly, The Gossip singer Beth Ditto said in 2009 that Katy was offensive to gay culture, and she gave her song, “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It,” as an example. She accused Katy of exploiting the LGBTQ culture “without having to pay any of the dues,” Pink News reported. She was not happy that Katy was on the cover of a gay magazine, even though she was not a lesbian. Well, Katy Perry has just given a clear answer to that.

Young Katy Perry

According to Katy Perry, you cannot choose your family. But, you can choose your tribe. She said she chose the LGBTQ community. She said she would not have achieved even half of what she had, if it was not for people from the community. At the same time, she continued to make fun of religious teachings. The “Chained To The Rhythm” singer referred to the Bible, while talking about her realization regarding the gay community.

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