Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Version To Be Made In (And For) China

Remember when we all mocked goods that were "Made In China?" Well, the Chinese variant of Samsung's newest Galaxy S8 will make you wish yours was made in China, too.

Goods that were labeled "Made in China" has always been mocked, alluding to the common knowledge that toys and items produced in China always seems to fall under the standard. But we all know that the more recent Apple iPhones are now predominantly made in China (and you don't hear anyone saying iPhones don't quite cut the smartphone standard), setting a new bar for smartphones and gadgets that are manufactured in the said country.

Made in China is the new hot label [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Image]
Made in China is the new hot label [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Image]

Samsung is not new to the Made in China trade, too, and Express UK highlights that those outside China might actually end up envying Chinese variants of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the single most leaked smartphone to ever go out the Samsung factory and months before the official release date, we've already got specs, features, and even realistic renders of the Samsung Galaxy S8. This is why this tiny, albeit game-changing, detail about the Chinese version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is already out and about, and is making techies outside of China frustrated.

Gizmochina reports this week that Kevin Wang, the IHS research director in China, reveals that the Samsung Galaxy S8 China edition will have more RAM than the international version.

As a rule of thumb, more RAM means better. There's no debate on that unlike the number of cores or the number of cameras. So if you've got 4 GB of RAM and she's got 6 GB of RAM, that means her 6 GB will be able to run and juggle more tasks more efficiently and smoothly than your 4 GB.

This is exactly the difference between the Chinese variant and the international variant of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. The International Samsung Galaxy S8 version which will release in America, Europe, and Asia, will have the advertised 4 GB of RAM, while the Samsung Galaxy S8 Chinese version that will be released in China and Korea will get an additional 2 GB of RAM, for a total of 6 GB of RAM on their handsets.

CNet notes that the reason China and Korea will be getting a more powerful Samsung Galaxy S8 is because it wants to compete with the domestic phones (like Xiaomi Mi Mix). Apparently, 6 GB of RAM is the norm in those parts of the world so releasing a Samsung Galaxy S8 sporting a 4 GB RAM will be underperforming.

In fact, this is not the first time Samsung is releasing a more powerful version of their device in China. The Chinese Galaxy Note 7 also released in China with 6 GB of RAM, compared to the rest of the world's 4 GB.

The Chinese version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 encased 6 GB of RAM, too [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]
The Chinese version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 encased 6 GB of RAM, too [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

According to the rumors, if you look under the hood, the international, North American version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with the rumored Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 chip. The Chinese Samsung Galaxy S8, on the other hand, will ship with Samsung's newer Exynos 9 chip, which was also earlier rumored to be housed in Samsung's upcoming flagship phone after suggestive tweets from Samsung Exynos' Twitter account.

Despite the claims that the Exynos chip will only ship in the Chinese Samsung Galaxy S8 version, there's also been proof that the international Samsung Galaxy S8 versions could get an Exynos chip, as well.

GSM Arena has come out with a leak this week of a Samsung Galaxy S8+ unit running an Exynos 8995 chip. Appearing discreetly on GeekBench, the chip test clocked a single-core score of 1978 and a multi-core score of 6375, which puts it a few points higher than the previously leaked Snapdragon 835 performing in the Samsung Galaxy S8+. And since GeekBench notes that the unit tested is a "4K" unit, which means an international version that houses 4 GB of RAM, it is possible that the Galaxy S8+ will not only outclass the S8 in terms of size but also in chip performance, as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ will be released officially on March 29. Stay tuned for more updates until then.

[Featured Image by Anthony Kwan/Anthony Kwan/Getty Images for Samsung]