Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, And Tucker Carlson Defend Donald Trump On Fox News

Donald Trump may not be a well-liked president right now, but at least he has Fox News in his corner. This past week, hosts Bill O’Reilly, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity made sure to defend Trump, who has been bashed by every other media outlet.

On Wednesday evening, Bill O’Reilly talked about “weaponizing” tax returns during his “Talking Points Memo” segment as a Fox News transcript reveals.

“The Trump tax return reveal courtesy of NBC News is a fascinating look at how the American media has now become a circus of ideology and cynicism…Someone gave far-left reporter David Cay Johnston two pages of Donald Trump’s IRS return from 2005. Old Dave says it simply arrived in his mailbox,” O’Reilly complained at the opening of his show and added that Johnston eventually handed over two pages of the return to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Once again, Bill O'Reilly has defended Donald Trump. [Image by Randy Holmes/Getty Images]

Bill vehemently defended Trump’s tax return and condemned the “misreporting” on it. Fox News transcripts show that fellow right wing host Sean Hannity also condemned “the new low” that the left has hit with the reporting on Trump’s tax returns.

“We’ve hit a new low in terms of privacy as we know it here in our country, and it should deeply concern all of the American people. One of the Trump-hating hosts over at NBC News, a charter member of the alt-left propaganda media dedicated to destroying Trump, got her hands on two pages of the president’s 2005 tax return,” Hannity told his audience before declaring that this should be troublesome to everybody and that there were also many legal questions that demand answers.

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Hannity pretty much accused Rachel Maddow of committing a felony and suggested she could spend five years in prison.

“It was the latest fail by the propaganda media and their deep state collaborators. They have been working tirelessly since Nov. 8 to create a false narrative that President Trump is hiding some sinister secret in his finances and that he colluded with the Russians. It is all fake news,” Hannity continued.

While the left-wing media didn’t go as far as Hannity and O’Reilly in defending Trump, they did admit that Maddow’s expose was a little bit of a letdown. Adam Chodorow of Slate admits the report on the tax returns didn’t reveal much.

“Sadly, what Johnston [who gave them to Maddow] received was not actually a complete copy of Trump’s tax returns, but rather his two-page Form 1040 from 2005. This is still big news in that we now know more than we did—assuming it is authentic, which the White House seemed to confirm in a statement Tuesday night—but it answers precious few of the questions many people have.”

Chodorow does admit that the tax returns leak is a step in the right direction for those who want transparency from out president. However, according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, this and other reports on Trump aren’t about transparency. As Mediate notes, he even accuses NBC and MSNBC of lying in order to destroy a politician they do not like.

Besides lambasting Maddow and the Donald Trump tax return situation, Carlson said that the leak of the NBC tape, which Trump makes misogynist comments about “grabbing them [women] by the pu**y,” was far more harmful than Russia’s alleged interference with the 2016 presidential election. Carlson also interviewed Donald Trump on Wednesday night and gave him the chance to condemn all the “fake news” from the mainstream media.

Whether or not one is a fan of President Donald Trump, it’s quite obvious that his presidency has divided Americans like no other in recent memory. We can expect to hear more reports about Trump’s tax returns in the near future, whether they reveal anything or not.

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