‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Who Will Adrienne Choose After Cancer Surgery?

Days of Our Lives takes us on a rollercoaster with Adrienne who has some tough choices ahead of her as she battles cancer.

According to Soap Hub, Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that Adrienne is coming to grips with the double mastectomy that she must undergo, after the chemotherapy that she underwent shrank the cancer tumor but did not entirely remove it. Not only must she face the knife for a double mastectomy, but she also has to undergo surgery for breast reconstruction.

Adrienne Receives Support From Days of Our Lives Friends and Love Interests

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveal in their Days of Our Lives spoilers about Adrienne that her doctors, family, and friends all want Adrienne to live a long and happy life. Her doctors urge her to have the double mastectomy, and Days of Our Lives love interests Lucas and Justin will do whatever they can to support her through the tough journey ahead.

DOOL Adrienne Overwhelmed by Breast Cancer Decisions
Adrienne is overwhelmed by the realities of having a double mastectomy and recostructive surgery [Image by NBC]

After The Surgery, Adrienne Chooses Between Justin And Lucas

The spoilers reveal that Adrienne makes a choice between Justin and Lucas after the surgery. In fact, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that “she’ll get great updates on her health.” Celeb Dirty Laundry spoilers imply that the return of her health sets the ball rolling for decisions to be made about her romantic life.

“DOOL fans know that Adrienne put her love life on hold after her cancer diagnosis. She still hasn’t really chosen a guy to be with.”

“Justin (Wally Kurth) has obviously been edging out the competition lately. He’s been taking advantage of every opportunity to spend time with Adrienne. They even shared a kiss at one point. However, Adrienne cares about Lucas as well. She almost married him before all the cancer chaos.”

The spoilers suggest that Justin seems to be the obvious choice despite the fact that Adrienne was going to marry Lucas before the cancer diagnosis.

“Most Days of Our Lives fans will be surprised if Adrienne doesn’t choose Justin. “Jadrienne” is arguably a supercouple and the show has been setting them up as the duo to root for.”

What about Lucas? It seems as if the Days of our Lives writers are setting him and Anne up for romance, and that she will be there to offer Lucas solace if Adrienne chooses Justin instead.

“Many Days viewers are enjoying the cute moments between them. Anne is a pretty comical character and Lucas is a good fit for her. It’s fun to have a fresh pairing like this.”

Judi Evans’ Insight Into Her Character Adrienne’s Love Triangle Dilemma Amidst Breast Cancer

DOOL Bryan Dattilo and Judi Evans at Book Signing
Will Judi Evans' character Adrienne Choose Bryan Dattilo's Character Lucas? [Image by Ben Rose/Stringer/Getty Images]

According to Michael Fairman Soaps,Judi Evans offers an in-depth insight into her Days of our Lives character’s dilemma of choosing Justin or Lucas after her breast cancer diagnosis.

Judi believes that Adrienne loves both Justin and Lucas.

She is OK to be on her own, but she does love both of them. She has to figure out whom she loves, and who she is in love with. There is still a lot of grey for her around: ‘Who am I in love with?”

Adrienne faces the question which is so profoundly linked to many women’s femininity with the issue of her double mastectomy. Judi sheds light on if her Days of our Lives character feels that Justin or Lucas wouldn’t love her if her breasts were removed.

From the research I have done that is a huge, huge, thing for women who are going to have a mastectomy, or had them, and that is: “Will my loved one want me like they did before? There is now a part of me that isn’t there, and I don’t look the same.” Adrienne would think, “I know they love me for me, but that’s still part of me.”

Judi also comments about the question is she ultimately chooses the man who would handle the breast cancer/mastectomy/breast reconstruction better.

I think there is that element of, “Would anyone be able to handle it?” I am excited about the twists and turns, and the journey that they all go through, and the people that are connected to them as well throughout this story.”

[Featured Image by Ben Rose/Stringer/Getty Images]